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Beautiful and healthy hair is important for both men and women. Unfortunately, frequently your hair is not as thick as you would like it to be and this can result from different diseases. Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine address the patients’ needs and offers hair transplant surgery.

Hair transplants history in Poland

Hair transplant surgery has been carried out in Poland since 1984. The first effects though were not that good. However, hair transplant was being improved and many new techniques have been developed over the years. Since micro-transplants were developed, hair transplant is not invasive surgery. Currently, many specialists use different hair transplant methods such as FUE/BHT/STRIP. The treatment option depends on the doctor’s experience and individual patient’s stage of alopecia.

The best clinic for hair transplant in Poland

Hair transplant surgery should be a wise decision. It is crucial to know that health condition is not an obstacle for the surgery. Many people wonder: “Where should I undergo hair transplant surgery?“. The answer is clear: go to the best doctor specializing in hair transplants. Before you choose a doctor find out what method he/she uses, how long he/she has been performing hair transplants and what is his/her experience and training courses. In hair transplant surgery a doctor’s experience is extremely important. It has an impact on the follicle extraction method, their positioning and the final result.

The first consultancy and surgery

During the first visit you should inform the doctor about any current and previous diseases. Some diseases can prevent a potential patient from hair transplant surgery. It is advised not to undergo surgery than spend money and have worst results than expected. It can happen in cases of abnormal blood glucose level and seborrhoeic dermatitis. It is important to inform the doctor about your expectations. Then he/she will be able to evaluate if he/she can meet your requirements. You should wash your hair in the evening before the surgery. A hair transplant is not invasive so you can go home after the surgery on your own. During the surgery a doctor uses a local anesthesia so the surgery is painless.

Procedures after hair transplant surgery

hair transplant artas hair transplant fue

FUE hair transplant

After surgery a doctor gives detailed instructions how to take care of your hair and scalp. For the first 7  days after surgery you should wash your hair once a day and the water should not be hotter than 40  degrees Celsius. Do not use a too intensive water flow. Pour the shampoo in your hands and wash your  hair pressing the implants into the skin. Do not massage, scratch or rub the recipient area. You can wash the donor area depending on the level of pain. The first days after surgery you should gently wash the donor area using a formula stimulating the healing processes. Gently dry your hair with a paper or cotton disposable towel. It is recommended not to use conditioners, gels, hairspray and to avoid excessive physical activity as well as sunlight exposure. 8 – 21 days after surgery you can gently massage your hair during washing.

You do not rub in a cream stimulating healing in the donor area, but still you should use a mild shampoo (pH 5.5 – 5.8). You are also not recommended to use hair styling products, but moderate physical acitivity and sun exposure are allowed. 3 weeks after surgery hair care instructions are not so strict anymore and you can start your own hair care routine (a favourite shampoo, washing hair method). Different physical activities are allowed depending on the patient’s preferences. 4 weeks after hair transplant surgery you can sunbathe. The above recommendations may differ among patients. A doctor chooses the appropriate shampoos and products that can stimulate healing depending on the patient’s needs.

The formulations with minoxidil such as Alopexy, Minoxidil i Piloxidil , Loxon are recommended after hair transplant surgery.

Shampoos should contain natural ingredients of the highest quality. They should also have neutral pH i.e. 5.5 – 5.8. You should not use anti-dandruff shampoos or baby haircare products. A doctor will certainly advise the best formulations to use after hair transplant surgery. It is recommended to use dermatologically tested products which also stimulate hair growth. They are 2% and 5% liquid solutions to be applied topically on the scalp. The formulation will prove good results in androgenetic alopecia at the moderate stage in men and women. Although the 5% solution is not registered to be used in women, it is recommended by specialists in some cases of androgenetic alopecia in women.

You should follow the doctor’s instructions on how to use the formulation. You should apply it on the healthy, undamaged scalp. Apply the formulation with your fingertips on the healing area starting from the center. You will have to wait to see the results of treatment so you should not be discouraged to see no effects at the beginning. The formulations contain alcohol so avoid touching the wounds and your eyes. Do not use if you have irritated skin. Hair loss processes are inhibited 2 months after you start treatment and hair starts to regrow 4-6 months after the onset of treatment. You will get the best results when you start treatment at the initial stage of alopecia.

Natural hair care products

Organic cosmetics appeared on the Polish market a few years ago and they are becoming more and more popular. The most important advantage of such cosmetics is that their ingredients are not harmful to the skin. Many traditional cosmetics cause rashes, skin redness and clogged pores.

If you choose natural cosmetics you avoid using dangerous ingredients which can have harmful effects on your health. In addition, natural cosmetics lower the risk of skin irritation, allergies, flushing and redness. Mild ingredients i.e. natural cleansing substances, perfumes and emulsifiers properly take care of your skin. A short list of natural ingredients is sufficient to nourish your skin. Living in the industrialized world it is very hard to avoid chemicals. Thus, it is recommended to use natural cosmetics every day.

Dr Piotr Turkowski

Dr Piotr Turkowski

Aesthetic medicine doctor, specialist and enthusiastic surgery, completing the specialization in plastic surgery. The only officially registered member of the international hair restoration surgery (ISHRS) in Warsaw, which brings together the world's best specialists in this field.