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A large number of middle-aged men suffer from alopecia areata. Androgenetic alopecia is known as male-pattern hair loss. It is considered the most common cause of hair loss in men. This problem affects a large number of middle-aged men.

Androgenetic alopecia: term description

Genetic factors play a role in causing androgenetic alopecia. The disease affects about 50 per cent men at the age of 50. It is often called male-pattern hair loss as it mainly occurs in men. The cause of hair loss is considered to be hypersensitivity to dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It is a derivative of the male sex hormone i.e. testosterone which affects the androgen receptors of follicles and leads to their gradual decay. The hormone causes also delay in the healthy hair growth cycle making it grow shorter and thinner. At the advanced stage of disease the hair growth cycle is completely inhibited. Other symptoms observed in patients with alopecia include excess sebum production and an oily scalp. Some people experience too intensive scalp muscles’ tension. The first symptoms can occur even in teenagers. A receding hairline is the first symptom men usually start to worry about. Androgenic alopecia is the most common disease which can be treated with hair transplant surgery in men.

A perfect solution: hair transplant in men

It is recommended to investigate the underlying cause of hair loss. Frequently, patients with increased blood sugar level experience alopecia. In order to prevent excessive hair loss you should consult a doctor and do all the necessary tests. You can use products dilating follicle vessels and nourish them. A solution to the disease at the advanced stage is a hair transplant.

Hair transplant surgery

A large number of middle-aged men decide to undergo hair transplant surgery. Aesthetic medicine attempts to meet every patient’s requirements and offers a few hair transplant methods. Depending on the method during hair transplant surgery a doctor can use general or regional anesthesia. However, it is recommended to choose the least invasive hair transplant method i.e. FUE to help the patient recover quickly. The doctor extracts follicles from an area on a patient’s body and transplants them into the recipient area. Hair transplant surgery is time consuming but reduces the number of possible complications afterwards. Such transplant rejection is very rare because material is extracted from the patient’s skin.

Doctor consultancy and course of treatment

If you decide to undergo hair transplant surgery in Warsaw you should choose the best doctor specializing in the method of your choice. The effects highly depend on the doctor’sskills and experience. During the first visit the doctor analyses in detail the problematic area as well as the possible donor area from which follicles can be extracted. The doctor will also ask about any previous surgery, treatment and diseases as well as carrying out our basic blood tests. To ensure patient safety the doctor will explain in detail the hair transplant surgery procedure stages and indicate donor and recipient areas. It is also important to inform the patient about how to prepare for the surgery. 2 weeks before the surgery you must not take blood thinning medicines. Doctors often recommend taking medicines that stimulate hair growth.

FUE hair transplant in men

This method is often recommended by specialists because it is a safe and modern hair transplant technique. During the surgery a doctor uses a local anesthesia and makes sure the patient feels safe and comfortable. The patient can relax by listening to music during hair transplant surgery. The procedure may take even 8 hours depending on the patient’s condition. FUE hair transplant involves the extraction of single follicles together with a millimeter tissue surrounding them.

The doctor uses special needles, not a scalpel. He/she extracts follicles and then “injects” them in the recipient area. The doctor extracts a group of 1-4 hair bulbs and transplants them. The procedure is not invasive so the patient can go home after the surgery.

It is recommended to wash hair with a mild shampoo. For about 2 weeks you should avoid intensive exercise and high temperatures (sauna, sunbathing). FUE hair transplant surgery guarantees spectacular effects after a few months which continue in the years that follow. If you experience excessive hair loss it is recommended to consider hair transplant surgery. FUE is a state-of-the-art technique of hair transplantation recommended by specialists. You are invited to dr. Piotr Turkowski’s hair transplant clinic in Warsaw. He has been a hair restoration surgery specialist and FUE hair transplant surgeon for many years.

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