FUE hair transplant is the perfect solution for people suffering from alopecia or partial hair loss.

During the FUE hair transplant surgery (Follicular Unit Extraction) single follicles are extracted from the scalp area called donor area and transplanted into the recipient area.

FUE hair transplant is an autologous transplant surgery using patient’s own cells.  The procedure minimizes the risk of allergy and avoids transplant rejection.

Currently it is the modern, safest, precise as well as sophisticated hair transplant method in the world.

FUE technique is time-consuming but at the same time it is the most precise and less invasive surgery as compared to other hair transplant methods.  It reduces number of possible complications and helps to recover quickly. Additionally it minimizes discomfort of unattractive and troublesome seams producing scars which are the result of surgeries using a scalpel (e.g. STRIP method). Microscars resulted from FUE hair transplant surgery are practically invisible.

FUE technique is the most frequently used in patients who want to avoid a  scar produced during STRIP hair transplant (linear scars being an effect of wounds healing where transplant strip was extracted at the back of head).

FUE technique is more and more frequently used as a hair transplant method. It is considered much better to correct larger areas of bald spots. Due to the fact that FUE method is more precise than the best robots on the market, surgery can take even 8-10 hours which can seem time-consuming at the beginning. However, hair transplant effects and FUE method precise results certainly compensate for this inconvenience.

FUE hair transplant is also used to restore little hair loss of moustache, eyebrows or to fill in various scars including the ones resulting from previous more invasive hair transplant surgeries (e.g. STRIP method).


Last update: 20 November 2020

Dr Piotr Turkowski

About Dr Piotr Turkowski

Aesthetic medicine doctor, specialist and enthusiastic surgery, completing the specialization in plastic surgery. The only officially registered member of the international hair restoration surgery (ISHRS) in Warsaw, which brings together the world's best specialists in this field.


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