Hair is a natural face decoration. Even a slight change in hairstyle or length is noticeable. That is why every condition of the scalp area causes concern. Unfortunately, hair diseases are very often associated with alopecia. Fortunately, we can reverse this process.

Diseases of the scalp and hair? We will help to solve all problems

Improper care and inadequate cosmetics can cause dandruff, psoriasis, mycosis or seborrheic dermatitis. A special case is trichotillomania, which consists in pulling out one’s own hair, caused by stress. Diseases such as androgenetic alopecia or alopecia areata are associated with hair loss. Come to us, and we will properly diagnose and solve your problem. Our patients always leave the office with relief and a smile on their faces.

We offer effective treatment and proven treatments

The Esthetic Medicine Clinic OT.CO Clinic in Warsaw is equipped with specialized equipment needed for the diagnosis and treatment of skin and hair diseases. The trichologist’s office offers modern and effective treatments that will allow you to forget about hair problems. Appropriate forms of treatment will improve the condition of the skin and help get rid of the problem of baldness. We use treatments that stimulate hair growth, the modern FUE method, thanks to which we can fill the cavities, carboxytherapy and many more. Find out more on our blog!