You can find a detailed description of dr. Piotr Turkowski hair transplant procedure in other articles. And below you can find doctor’s instructions before and after hair transplant surgery. In other words – how to take care of your new hair.

Before the surgery

Eat a light breakfast.

You should not drink strong coffee, alcohol not smoke.

Haircare instructions for the first 2 weeks after hair transplant surgery:

  • use warm water to wash your hair
  • use a shampoo recommended after hair transplant once a day
  • follow the washing technique instructions provided by a doctor
  • remember to wash your hair with gentle movements to avoid new hairs damages
  • dry your hair carefully with a disposable paper towel using tapping movements
  • spray a saline solution or thermal water on the recipient area

2 weeks after hair transplant surgery

You can start gently massaging your hair while washing. The remaining instructions are the same.

General instructions for the first month after hair transplant surgery

  • avoid physical activity
  • avoid sun exposure
  • do not go to the swimming pool, sauna
  • do not use hair dryer
  • do not use hair styling products (hairspray etc.)
  • avoid contact with animals, escpecially during wound healing

The patient leaves the clinic with a bandage on the donor area which is usually removed the next day and the hair is washed for the first time.

You can cover your head e.g. with a hood.