We have already written about the hair transplant procedure performed by Dr. Piotr Turkowski. We present medical recommendations before and after the procedure. How to take care and nurture new hair.

Before the procedure

It is advisable to eat a light breakfast

It is not advisable: to drink strong coffee, alcohol, smoke cigarettes.

Care for the first 2 weeks after the hair transplant surgery

– the temperature used to wash the head should be lukewarm
– use a shampoo for hair care after hair transplantation and wash your head once a day
– hair washing technique – in accordance with the clinic’s instructions
– remember not to make strong movements that could damage the new hair
– carefully dry the head with a disposable paper towel, pressing it against the skin
– spray the recipient site with saline or thermal water

Two weeks after the hair transplant surgery

Gentle massage movements can be introduced into the washing technique, while the rest remains unchanged.

General recommendations for the first month after the hair transplant surgery

– we avoid physical exertion
– sun exposure
– swimming in swimming pools and bath houses
– using a hair dryer
– using hair styling products (hairsprays etc.)
– we limit contact with animals, especially during the healing period

After the procedure, the patient leaves with a bandage around the donor site. Usually the bandage is removed on the next day and the first washing of the head is performed.
It is possible to put on a light headgear, e.g. a hood