In the first stage of the transplantation process, I invite you to the clinic in Poznań(I am there once a mmonth) or inWarsaw – for the necessary medical consultation.

During the meeting – I make a thorough assessment of the donor area and present a proposal, a detailed plan of hair reconstruction (transplant). I designate the area from which I will collect the hair units and the area of their implantation.

During the consultation visit, I also collect a detailed interview with the patient and complete the medical history. I also order blood tests and make photographic documentation. I make every effort to ensure that the patient feels safe.

In the period before the transplantation procedure (about 2.5 weeks before the hair transplantation procedure), I recommend not taking any medications containing acetylsalicylic acid and aspirin. If the treatment involves thickening the hair – I recommend a special preparation for support – minoxides, to be applied directly to the scalp 2 times a day. The preparation is intended to stimulate hair growth and is particularly effective in androgenic alopecia in women and men. This fluid inhibits and reverses the miniaturization of hair follicles, strongly stimulating the multiplication of follicle cells in the growth phase.

During the consultation, the doctor provides the patient with individual recommendations, to which the person interested in the hair transplantation will have to follow, in order to be able to count on the success and results of this procedure.

A consultation is payable, if the patient decides to undergo the procedure, I always subtract it from the total procedure cost.

What does the hair transplant procedure look like?


FUE hair transplantation is an extremely sophisticated and safe procedure that is performed on an outpatient basis. I perform the procedure from start to finish under local anesthesia and it does not require any special preparations from the patient.

There is no need to grow longer hair before the hair transplant procedure – and we even recommend cutting it short in the donor area – to a length of 1-2 mm, which will strategically facilitate the work for me and my team. The skin donor area will be completely shaved during the preparation for the procedure, so that hair can be transplanted efficiently and precisely.

The day before the treatment – we recommend not to drink strong coffee or alcohol.

When going to the clinic, we suggest that you bring an appropriate head covering. It is important that it is a loose, breathable hat made out of natural materials, e.g. Woolen sweatshirt or hoodie. The cap will be a suitable protective barrier for the sensitive skin after the transplantation and it will protect it, for example, against touching with dirty hands or potential airborne bacterial threats.

Before the hair transplant procedure – I also assess the skin and hair density by using a special device – video microscope or Trichoscan, or I consult a patient with a trusted dermatologist.

Trichoscan is the most modern method of analyzing the scalp and hair. The basis of the Trichoscane examination is a set of videodermoscopic photos, which are then subjected to a computer image analysis. Especially in cases of alopecia, the examination is extremely beneficial and important – because it provides very valuable key information, that influences the correct and effective transplant process.

The procedure is painless and is performed under local anesthesia. During the collection of the hair follicles, the patient is placed in the supine position, while during the implantation of the grafts, he rests comfortably on the back.

The most important issue in the FUE hair transplant method, is the technology of collecting individual units (follicle units) of the hair, i.e. units (grafts). I collect them all one by one – each separately – during one and the same session. Hair follicles are collected with a millimeter margin of the surrounding tissues.

During the procedure – groups of hair follicles are distinguished with the use of special, small-sized puncture needles, the so-called punches. During the hair transplant procedure, needles (punches) with a diameter of 0.75 mm – 1 mm are being used. Each bellow complex contains: 1-4 hair follicles. Each bulb is capable of producing about 15-25 hairs. The next step is to “inject” the collected follicular units – directly into the recipient area.

The method of FUE hair transplantation, i.e. single collection of follicular assemblies, is a very minimally invasive method (without a scalpel) and the microscopic range of the damaged tissue around the collected follicle is reduced to a minimum, thanks to which – the quality and speed of microtubular healing is very fast and practically painless. This is a very big health benefit for my patients and is superior to this method (FUE), compared to the STRIP method – in which a large area of tissue is damaged and unsightly, disfiguring wounds and scars are formed.

Throughout the procedure – the patient has the opportunity to talk to the medical staff, ask questions, listen to music or watch TV. There is also time for a short break, during which the patient will get a delicious meal. I can assure you, that during the entire procedure – the patient will be surrounded by emotional and professional care and support from my entire team and clinic staff. I promise that the patient will not sleep a single hair of his head – because everything will be carefully planned and performed according to the art of hair transplantation and professional plan. Pacjent będzie czuł się bezpiecznie oraz spokojnie. Both me and my team will provide the patient with the highest standard of medical service and quality.

After the procedure – there is no need to bandage the transplanted area. It is enough to periodically protect the scalp with a cap, that we mentioned in the previous content of our information.

One treatment session takes about 6-8 hours, during which I transplant up to 2.5 thousand hair units. The amount depends on the individual medical case of the patient. It may happen, that to achieve ideal results – several treatment sessions will be needed. The duration of this procedure depends on the amount of hair being transplanted, the degree of bleeding and the properties of the patient’s skin. The collected hair follicles must be implanted within 8 hours from the moment of collection.

In case of androgenetic alopecia (the basis of which in most cases are genetic conditions), the hair follicles are taken from the back and side parts of the scalp and transplanted into the frontal and central parts. If there is not enough hair available to collect on the patient’s scalp – the hair follicles can be obtained from the chest, back or facial skin.

Reconstructive transplant surgery uses the FUE method, among others torecreate eyebrow hairs, eyelashes and hair on the face, chest or intimate areas. These types of treatments are recommended for patients with post-accident and postoperative scars, this is mostly where it all began.


After the FUE transplantation procedure – the patient receives an extract along with detailed postoperative instructions. You can return to normal life and work activity the day after the hair transplantation procedure, except for intensive physical exercise, which should be avoided for about 3 weeks from the date of the transplant.

patient's head 10 days after the hair transplant

The treatment is painless. Quick recovery. The final aesthetic results – disproportionately more attractive than other traditional methods – is something I can assure you, Dr. Piotr Turkowski.

We invite you for a personal consultation with Dr. Piotr Turkowski – at the clinic in Poznań and in Warsaw.