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ARTAS or FUE hair transplant?

What to choose: ARTAS robotic hair transplant surgery or manual follicles transplant surgery (FUE) by a highly specialized surgeon? People suffering from alopecia and interested in hair transplant surgery frequently find information about ARTAS robotic hair restoration procedure. (more…)
Dr Piotr Turkowski
7 February 2019
Hair aging - anti-aging prevention

Hair aging – anti-aging prevention

Every women dreams about beautiful and thick hair even at the old age.  However, hair begins to age earlier than expected. Around the age of 50 your hair is becoming weaker - there are fewer follicles and hair bulbs regenerate…
Dr Piotr Turkowski
6 February 2019
hair transplantation in women

Hair transplant in women

At the beginning a doctor marks an area which requires hair transplant or eyebrows reconstruction. He shaves a strip of hair at the occiput area (the donor area - back of the head > it is so-called permanent hair insensible…
Dr Piotr Turkowski
17 January 2019
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