For every person, regardless of their gender, the process of baldness or hair loss results in a significant psychological discomfort, irrespective of its underlying reasons. It is a major emotional strain that affects individual’s self-esteem, confidence as well as their general well-being. Hair loss on the scalp is most often associated with hormonal imbalances or a natural hair cycle.

Why does hair fall out?

The process of hair falling out or baldness may result from hormonal disorders, improper diet or disease process in the patient’s body. However, the most common reason is related to the male hormone, testosterone.

Testosterone found in the blood, due to the action of specific enzymes, changes into a very active dihydrotestosterone (DHT) hormone, which leads to shrinkage and ultimately miniaturisation and destruction of hair follicles. Despite the fact that it is DHT that is solely responsible for hair loss, the genetic factors affecting the condition of our hair must not be overlooked.

One of the interesting features is the fact that hair follicles situated in occipital area of the head are almost entirely resistant to damaging actions of DHT. Therefore, even in the people who are excessively losing hair the occipital area retains sufficient amount of hair to provide samples of hair units for transplantation. Hair follicles from this part of the scalp are resistant to falling out, i.e. they are permanent.

Androgenic hair loss in women, i.e. hair falling out due to male hormone, occurs much less frequently. The most common reason of the hair loss in women is oestrogen insufficiency. Hair loss in women shows significantly different characteristics than in men. Major hair thinning can be observed at the top of the head as well as near the forehead. Therefore, transplantation in women is associated rather with hair thickening than with local transplantation of the whole bald spot.

Dr Piotr Turkowski

About Dr Piotr Turkowski

Aesthetic medicine doctor, specialist and enthusiastic surgery, completing the specialization in plastic surgery. The only officially registered member of the international hair restoration surgery (ISHRS) in Warsaw, which brings together the world's best specialists in this field.

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