Hair transplant

The price depends on the number of transplanted follicles (implants). Every patient is treated individually.

1 graft transplant

up to PLN 12

1 graft can include 1-4 follicles

Hair transplant

PLN 4,000 and up

(FUE/BHT/STRIP method)

Receding hairline, lowering hairline

up to PLN 15000

Progressing receding hairline, top of the head area

up to PLN 27000

Platelet-rich plasma injections in the scalp

PLN 800 and up

Mesotherapy of the scalp

PLN 500 and up

Aesthetic dermatology

Laser acne treatment

PLN 500 and up

Lip lifting with hyaluronic acid

PLN 1000 and up

Lip lifting using fat

PLN 2500 and up

Plastic surgery


PLN 500 and up

Removal of scars

PLN 950 and up

Upper eyelids correction

PLN 4,000 and up

Penis enlargement using fat

PLN 5000 and up