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Baldness is an embarrassing problem, that can happen to anyone, regardless of gender and age. In such a situation, aesthetic medicine treatments, that allow you to completely reverse the hair loss process are very helpful. Hair transplant methods are very effective and the first results can be achieved almost immediately.

The causes for hair loss

Baldness is the main reason for hair loss. This ailment affects both women and men. Currently, there are three types of hair loss:

  • androgenic – occurring as a result of the sensitivity of the hair follicles to dihydrotestosterone,
  • bald spots – with an autoimmune background,
  • telogen – caused by the extended phase of hair rest.

In addition, excessive hair loss can be caused by chronic stress, thyroid disease and other hormonal disorders, anemia, skin conditions, and improper hair care. Correctly determining the cause of hair loss is very important in order to obtain the best results.

FUE hair transplant

It is the most effective and recommended method of hair transplantation. The treatment involves the extraction of individual hair units. The FUE method ( Follicular Units Extraction ) does not cause scars during the procedure. The hair follicles are collected from the back of the head, by using a specialized 0.8 mm diameter tool. For this purpose, the medical team makes 3mm deep incisions, from which the hair follicles are taken, using a micro punch. The prepared transplant material is then counted, assessed for possible damage and prepared for implantation in the recipient area.

FUE hair transplant

FUE transplantation is most often used for patients, who want to avoid a disfiguring scar. The duration of the procedure may be as long as 8 to 10 hours, but the effects and precision of the FUE technique definitely compensates for this small inconvenience.

Transplantation using the FUE method with the help of an ARTAS robot

FUE hair transplantation can also be performed by using the innovative ARTAS robot, which improves the process of the entire procedure. The operation of the robot is based on an algorithm, that automatically selects hair follicles suitable for transplantation and then retrieves them. The ARTAS robot hair collection process is supervised by a doctor, who determines all the necessary parameters, such as intervals between the collected grafts. However, the skilled and experienced hand of the surgeon is not inferior to the speed of collecting grafts by the robot. Experienced surgeons are faster and more precise than robots.

Transplant using the STRIP method

It is one of the oldest methods of hair transplantation and it is still used in some clinics. However, it is an invasive procedure, during which a strip of approximately 15 x 1-2 cm is taken (usually from the occipital area of the head). Then, the assistant team cuts out individual grafts and prepares them for implantation. During the next stage of the procedure, the medical team makes incisions on the skin, into which previously prepared grafts will be placed. The STRIP method, apart from its invasive character, results in the formation of a thick scar on the back surface of the scalp.

Indications for hair transplant

Anyone who suffers from excessive hair loss or has lost a significant part of it due to trauma, infection, postoperative scars and long-term treatment, can choose a hair transplant procedure. The most common indications for the procedure include:

  • bald spots,
  • androgenic alopecia,
  • telogen baldness,
  • baldness after burns,
  • post-traumatic alopecia,
  • alopecia after irradiation,
  • alopecia resulting from skin inflammation,
  • postoperative scars.

However, it should be remembered that in order to achieve the best results of hair transplantation, it is necessary to completely exclude the causes of hair loss.

Which method to choose?

The choice of the appropriate method of hair transplantation depends on the area that requires transplantation, gender, causes of hair loss and the amount of villi intended for this procedure. One of the most recommended and popular methods is the FUE method. It is the most modern and precise technique. The surgeon who conducts the hair transplant makes a professional, medical-related selection of the best quality hair transplant material (grafts). No wonder, that the human factor in the FUE method is irreplaceable.

The FUE method is a time-consuming technique, but at the same time the most precise and the least invasive compared to all other transplant methods. This allows you to limit possible complications, shorten the recovery time, discomfort of unsightly seams and scars.

Aesthetic medicine meets the needs of people suffering from problems with baldness. To this day, specialists from around the world strive to improve hair transplantation methods, that will guarantee the best results with the lowest possible side effects.


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