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Why do we lose hair?

The process of hair loss and baldness can be a result of hormonal disruption, bad diet, stress or illness. The most common cause, however, is the harmful effect of the male hormone – testosterone.

Hair loss is normal and a consequence of the a natural cycle of hair growth. We can lose from 50 to as many as 150 hairs a day.

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Hair loss is a treatable condition

Medicine has numerous methods to inhibit and even reverse the balding process. We provide comprehensive care for our patients.

We choose individual treatment depending on the stage of baldness, from non-invasive methods of hair growth stimulation to the most sophisticated FUE hair transplant surgery.

Today hair loss is perceived as any other illness that can be treated with various methods.

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Why FUE hair transplant?

Because it is a sophisticated, state of the art hair transplant procedure. It consists in the extraction of follicular units with a specialised device, without the need to remove a strip of tissue from the back of the scalp.

The result is that the FUE method a minimally invasive one and does not leave an ugly scar. The FUE hair transplant procedure is ideal for people experiencing baldness or partial hair loss.

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Why you should choose our hair transplant clinic? Check 13 reasons:

No scalpel

No stitches

No pain

We use the least invasive hair transplant method, you can return to work the next day

No visible scars after hair transplant surgery

An experienced surgical team is involved in hair transplant surgeries

Direct Hair Implantation (DHI) technique

(a fully controlled hair growth direction and angle)

We guarantee natural results

Surgeries are performed by doctors who are members of ISHRS

(The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) composed of the best specialists in hair loss transplantation

We use special solutions to improve hair life cycle

High growth rate of the grafts, over 90%

Fewer grafts are transplanted to achieve satisfactory results

Transection rate below 5%

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Check out what results to expect, if you decide to undergo the FUE hair transplant. The photos show people before the procedure and a few months after the hair transplant.

See the treatment results
About 75 per cent of men experience low self-esteem caused by hair loss
Even 20 per cent of adult women are affected by alopecia
60 per cent of men start losing their hair when they turn 35

Dr Piotr Turkowski

A specialist with broad experience in hair restoration surgery. A medical doctor specialised in aesthetic medicine and a member of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, as well as the international prestigious societies ISAPS and ISHRS.

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