Hair transplant in Poland

Dr. Piotr Turkowski is a renowned specialist performing hair transplantation in Warsaw. Together with his medical team, he performs up to 170 hair transplants every year. She uses modern, least invasive methods that guarantee patients natural results in a short time. In his work, he is always guided by the satisfaction of patients and their safety. It uses only innovative, tested and highly recognized trichological techniques. Thanks to this, patients can be sure that each treatment will be safe, painless and fully controlled.

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97% of "acceptability" of
transplanted hair without seams or scars

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Piotr Turkowski - hair transplant specialist

Aesthetic medicine doctor and member of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, as well as the prestigious international ISAPS and ISHRS. The first member of ISHRS registered in Warsaw, an organization associating the best specialists in the field of hair transplantation. He uses the hybrid “punch” method to protect the hair follicles.

About me
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Co-founder Hair Loss Clinic

I combine both professional and private passions with Dr. Katarzyna Osipowicz. As a couple in life and profession, we decided to open OT.CO Clinic together. (Osipowicz & Turkowski Clinic). As we are both particularly interested in trichology and hair restoration surgery, this area has a special place in our aesthetic medicine clinic.

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Dr n. med. Katarzyna Osipowicz - a partner in the fight for beautiful hair

Trichology at OT.CO. it’s not only doctor Turkowski. A number of specialists also work here, headed by Dr. Katarzyna Osipowicz. The doctor helps patients who care about thick hair and overcome the problem of hair loss. In addition to carrying out transplants, she also uses treatments with peptide preparations, platelet-rich plasma and other active substances. They are injected into the vicinity of the hair follicles, nourishing, strengthening and stimulating them to act. The many years of experience that the doctor has gained allows her to use the latest therapies with DPCT / DCP allergens. The combination of the above-mentioned treatment methods means that at the Hair Transplant Clinic of Dr. Piotr Turkowski in Warsaw, we offer comprehensive assistance in the treatment of baldness. Are you struggling with the problem of excessive hair loss? We invite you for a consultation!

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Why do we lose hair?

The process of hair loss and alopecia may be the result of hormonal disorders, poor diet, stress or illness. The most common cause is the harmful effect of the male hormone testosterone.

The loss of hair follicles is normal and is a consequence of the natural life cycle of the hair. We can lose 50 or even 150 hair daily.


About 75 percent of  the male population suffers with baldness which causes a drop in self-confidence


adult women have a problem with hair loss


60% of men start losing hair after the age of 35

why hair falls out

FUE hair transplant

Treatments are performed with the support of an experienced surgical team.

bez skalpela
And all of this is done without the use of a scalpel.
We use the least invasive hair transplant method – you can go back to work the next day.
naturalny rezultat
DHI technique (full control of the depth, direction and angle of the growing hair).
zywotnosc wlosow
For the treatment, we use special solutions that increase the vitality of the hair.
wysoka przyjmowalnosc
We achieve a high level of “acceptability” of transplanted hair – over 97%.
hair transplant what you can expect

Excellent hair transplant results of my patients

See what you can achieve thanks to cooperating with me

Behind the scenes at our Hair Transplant Clinic

On our YouTube channel you can see a series of videos,
in which experts talk about the procedures performed – without hiding any secrets.

turkowski why I became a doctor

Why did I become a doctor?

Dr. Piotr Turkowski explains why he became a doctor and what was his path to becoming a specialist in hair transplantation.
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What does the hair transplant day look like?

What does the hair transplant day look like?

Dr Piotr Turkowski tells you how to prepare for the hair transplant surgery.
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hair transplant gimper

Gimper underwent a hair transplant

See how the procedure was performed and learn more about alopecia treatment.
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What do my patients think?

Check what hair transplant patients think - opinions, reviews and true stories.

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