Dr Piotr Turkowski

A specialist with extensive, over 10 years of experience in hair restoration surgery. He gained experience in the best clinics in Poland and abroad (USA, Australia, Colombia, Taiwan, Belgium, Germany, Sweden and Italy).

Founder of the OT.CO Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Warsaw. Aesthetic medicine doctor and member of the Polish Society of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, as well as the prestigious international ISAPS and ISHRS.

The first member of ISHRS registered in Warsaw to associate the best specialists in the field of hair transplantation. I use hybrid “punch” for hair transplantation to protect hair follicles.

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You're in good hands, that's what!

Dr Piotr Turkowski is a co-founder of the OT.CO Clinic Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Warsaw. A place where it can realize its seas so that patients can feel comfortable.

OT.CO Clinic

Why hair transplant in our clinic?

icon ishrs
Treatments are performed by the best doctors in Poland (ISHRS members – The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery) with the support of an experienced surgical team.
brak szwow blizn
No stitches or visible scars after the procedure.
The procedure is painless
We transplant the hair with the least invasive method – the next day you can go back to work.
naturlany rezultat
We guarantee a natural result.
DHI technique (full control of depth, direction, angle of growing hair).
zywotnos wlosow
For the treatment we use special solutions to increase the life of the hair.
wysoka przyjmowalnosc
We achieve a high level of “acceptability” of transplanted hair – over 97%.
transection rate
Transection rate below 3%.
mniej przeszczepow
We collect fewer transplants to obtain satisfactory results.
bez skalpela
And all without using a scalpel.
przeszczep włosów przed przeszczep włosów po


Check what effects you can expect when opting for a FUE hair transplant.

The pictures show people before the procedure and a few months after the hair transplantation procedure.

See the treatment results

Why do we lose hair?

The process of hair loss and alopecia can be the result of hormonal disorders, poor diet, stress or illness. However, the most common cause is the harmful effects of the male hormone testosterone.

Hair follicle loss is a normal phenomenon and is a consequence of the natural life cycle of the hair. We can lose 50 or even 150 hairs a day

About 75 percent men baldness pays off with a decrease in confidence
Hair loss is a problem of up to 20 percent. adult women
60% of men begin to lose hair after 35 years of age
Hair loss

Hair loss is a treatable condition

Medicine has many ways to stop or even reverse the baldness process. We take care of our patients comprehensively.

We select individual treatment depending on the severity of the disease, ranging from non-invasive methods to stimulate hair follicle growth to the most sophisticated FUE hair transplant surgery.

Today, alopecia is treated like any other disease in which certain methods of treatment are performed.

Hair loss treatment

Why FUE hair transplant?

Because it is the most modern and sophisticated method of hair transplantation in Warsaw and Poznan. It consists in collecting individual units (hair follicles) specially created for this device, without the need to cut the skin strap on the back of the head.

Dlatego metoda FUE jest mało inwazyjna i nie pozostawia szpecącej blizny. Przeszczep włosów FUE wykonywany jest w znieczuleniu miejscowym. Transplantacja włosów jest idealnym rozwiązaniem dla osób borykających się z problemem łysienia lub częściową utratą włosów.

FUE hair transplant