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Learn more about hair and scalpOn our blog, we present useful tips and methods for hair and scalp care, as well as treatment options.


Hair porosity – do a quick test

Proper hair care is a well-known topic that each of us knows a lot about. However, it often happens that a basic hair care is not enough and the hair becomes dull, dry and hard.…
24 January 2021

What to do to make hair grow faster?

Hair gives you confidence and allows you to define your style. Therefore, especially women dream about beautiful, healthy and shiny hair, that allows them to create unique hairstyles. Especially the length of the hair turns…
22 December 2020

Home made hair mask

Hair care is not only about using good quality shampoos and conditioners, but also using hair masks. Homemade hair masks can work wonders, even when they are made out of simple ingredients. A hair mask…
20 December 2020

Black cumin oil for hair: properties

Black cumin oil has very beneficial properties for our hair, scalp and nails. Therefore, black cumin is often one of the ingredients of cosmetics, intended for hair care. Meanwhile, you can also use pure black…
27 November 2020

Linseed for hair – how to use it?

Do you dream about healthy and strong hair? Linseed is a natural way to nourish and moisturize your hair. It is an ingredient that is used not only in the kitchen, but also in hair…
22 November 2020

Coconut oil for hair – how to use it?

Coconut oil is widely known and used in various fields, and thanks to its amazing properties, it can also improve the condition of our hair. Our hair is constantly exposed to styling and other negative…
19 November 2020
Hair transplant

Hair transplantation in places of scars

Scars resulting from injuries, treatments, or due to scarring alopecia are an aesthetic problem that can affect anyone. Skin scars do not contain elements that are typical for healthy skin and are devoid of hair…
17 November 2020