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Scalp Mesotherapy

Take care of the health of the scalp and shiny hair - choose mesotherapy!

Healthy, shiny hair and an attractive appearance is a dream that most patients strive for. Unfortunately, as a result of skin aging, many atmospheric changes, and the disappearance of collagen and elastin fibers, the condition of the skin and the condition of the hair deteriorates. There is also a problem with hair loss and baldness.

The scalp mesotherapy we offer is therefore an effective way to have a minimally invasive treatment that will improve the condition of the scalp. It is carried out by injecting the scalp with a syringe with a fine needle to introduce substances that will stimulate hair growth and inhibit hair loss.

Scalp Mesotherapy

What is scalp mesotherapy like?

Mesotherapy of the scalp is an effective way to treat many skin problems. It involves injecting small doses of medicinal substances directly into the affected areas. Mesotherapy is invaluable for improving hair quality, inhibiting hair loss and stimulating the growth of new hair follicles. Injection is carried out with thin needles every 0.5 – 1.5 cm or with a special needle mesotherapy gun. After treatment, only small punctures remain on the patient’s skin at the puncture sites. However, these changes subside spontaneously and are nothing dangerous for the patient.

The punctures themselves are not painful, but patients who are more sensitive to pain can receive local anesthesia in cream or spray. After the procedure, the doctor performs a special massage to evenly distribute the applied ingredients. Mesotherapy of the scalp is therefore one of the more popular treatments that is performed to improve the condition of the scalp.

The high effectiveness of scalp mesotherapy is due to bypassing the impenetrable layer of the skin and reaching the active substances in a short time and in large amounts to the hair cell. Hair loss requires a quick response, because only then can follicular atrophy and keratinocyte apoptosis be prevented. The treatment also helps prolong the anagen phase, and the mixture of substances that is applied to the skin helps stimulate and regenerate the hair roots.

Mesotherapy of the scalp is also a method that can effectively counteract problems of hair loss or poor hair condition. It helps regardless of the basis and severity of the condition. It inhibits both androgenic and hormonal alopecia, as well as seasonal hair loss or that which results from stress and past infections. The treatment is not only a way to reduce hair loss, but also stimulates hair regrowth and improves the condition of hair by stimulating circulation and revitalizing hair follicles.


Indications for surgery

Mesotherapy of the scalp is a treatment that stands out for its versatility and applicability. It helps counteract the signs of aging, firms the skin and stimulates its metabolism and regenerative processes. It is also indicated for people who want to get rid of unsightly discoloration and brighten the scalp. It also works well to eliminate other scalp defects, including. scars. Mesotherapy scalp treatment is also a way to effectively combat various types of baldness, which include. Hair loss, alopecia areata, androgenetic alopecia, and weakened hair.

Contraindications to the procedure

Patients who wish to undergo scalp mesotherapy, however, must remember that, as with any other procedure, a prior consultation with a specialist is necessary to help rule out any contraindications to the therapy. These include. Pregnancy and lactation, menstruation, diabetes, cancer, active infections and inflammation of the skin. Patients with an allergy to any component of the product and those taking anticoagulants must also expect that the procedure will have to be postponed.

The course of the procedure

Before starting the scalp mesotherapy treatment, the Patient is referred for a medical consultation. During the examination, the specialist examines the scalp, assesses the extent of the problem and its cause. In case of any doubts, patients are referred to perform other tests that will help to exclude possible contraindications to the therapy. You should also remember not to consume aspirin and enzyme drugs before the procedure. The patient must also inform the doctor about regular medications, allergies and intolerances. You should also refrain from dying your hair on the day of the treatment.

After the patient is successfully qualified for the procedure, a preparation with disinfecting and energizing properties is administered in the area of ​​the scalp. This allows you to perform a deep skin detox, clean the hair follicles from sebum and gently stimulate blood circulation – thus preparing the skin for greater absorption of active ingredients.

The skin prepared in this way can be subjected to needle mesotherapy. For this purpose, a series of numerous surface injections are made with a thin and short needle. Due to the method of administration, the ampoule must be sterile, certified and distinguished by high quality.

The applied preparation is always selected individually to the needs of each patient. Usually, the substance includes vitamins A, B, C and E, hyaluronic acid, peptides, caffeine or microelements. Vitamin B5 is also often present, which is an essential ingredient for nourishing the hair and skin roots. Therefore, it is perfect for problems with baldness. A pain reliever or local anesthetic may also be given to relieve any possible pain.

head mesotherapy

Convalescence after the procedure

After completing the therapy, the Patient must remember not to use the sauna and swimming pool for 24 hours. It is also recommended not to massage the scalp for one day after the treatment, not to sunbathe within 48 hours, not to use creams, hairsprays and other styling agents that may irritate the area after the treatment. For the next 3 days, you cannot undergo rth, radiotherapy and electrotherapy tests. However, it is worth remembering that the scalp needle mesotherapy treatment is not invasive. That is why it does not require a recovery process and you can usually resume your daily activities the next day.

Scalp mesotherapy treatment in a nutshell

Scalp mesotherapy is one of the most effective treatments to reduce baldness and excessive hair loss. It is also a way to improve the condition of the scalp.
The therapy ensures the speed of the obtained effects thanks to the targeted and deep penetration of large amounts of active substances – straight to the problematic area of the scalp (hair cells).
The targeted action ensures that the hair cells receive the necessary active ingredients that are needed for their proper functioning.
The result of the treatment is the production of better-quality hair, faster hair growth and inhibition of the hair loss process. On the other hand, the hair follicles are stimulated to produce as much healthy hair as possible.

The results of the treatment

The first results can be seen about 14 days after the first treatment. It is always recommended to perform a series of 4 – 8 treatments every 2 weeks. Then you can talk about the possibility of observing the complete effect of the treatment. It is also important to do a booster treatment, which guarantees healthy and strong hair after 2/ 3 months. Depending on the product selected and the number of treatments performed, you may notice, among other things. inhibition of hair loss, acceleration of new hair regrowth, thickening and thickening of the forehead, revitalization of hair follicles and strengthening of hair before and after transplantation. However, in order to enjoy long-lasting results, it is important to remember the principles of proper nutrition, incorporate physical activity and limit unhealthy lifestyles.


What is scalp mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy of the scalp is a procedure that involves the injection of small doses of drugs, vitamins, minerals or other nutrients directly under the scalp. It is often used to improve scalp health and stimulate hair growth.

Is scalp mesotherapy painful?

Because scalp needle mesotherapy involves injections, it can cause some discomfort. However, local anesthesia is usually used to minimize pain during the procedure.

How often should I get scalp mesotherapy?

The frequency of treatments depends on the individual patient’s needs and the doctor’s recommendations. In general, mesotherapy treatments of the scalp are carried out every few weeks.

What are the potential side effects of scalp mesotherapy?

The most common side effects are small bruises, redness or swelling at the injection site. Most of these effects are temporary and should subside within a few days.

What are the recommendations after scalp needle mesotherapy treatment?

After treatment, it is recommended to avoid intense exercise, hot baths and sun exposure for several days. The doctor may recommend special products for scalp care after the procedure.

How long does a scalp mesotherapy treatment take?

A scalp needle mesotherapy treatment usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour, depending on the area being treated.

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