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Platelet-rich plasma for hair (PRP)

Revive your hair! Platelet-rich plasma to save your hair

Everyone wants to have lush and shiny hair. Unfortunately, many people face the common problem of baldness. Significant hair loss, therefore, also causes a decline in self-esteem and well-being. These changes affect both men and women of all ages. They can be the result of atmospheric changes, genetics, or inadequate scalp care. Baldness can occur both spontaneously and be the body’s response to genetic conditions. It is also a problem for many people who have undergone curative therapies.

Fortunately, we deal with comprehensive treatment of baldness through the use of platelet-rich plasma for hair. As a result, our patients can enjoy the effectiveness and safety of the method to achieve natural revitalization and regeneration of the skin and hair.

platelet-rich plasma for hair

What is the hair treatment with plasma like?

Platelet-rich plasma is a concentrate derived from the platelets of your own blood in a small amount of plasma. It is obtained during centrifugation of blood previously drawn from the patient. The concentrate consists of valuable growth factors that cause skin renewal, stimulating tissue regeneration and fibroblasts to produce new collagen.

This method is distinguished by its high efficiency and safety, as it allows to enjoy the natural process of revitalization and regeneration of the hair skin while using a substance obtained from the patient’s blood. Along with mesotherapy, platelet-rich plasma treatments are very popular in our Clinic, which is mainly due to the effectiveness of the method. Platelet-rich plasma for hair loss treatment is an innovative method that uses the patient’s blood plasma.

This substance consists of valuable active elements that stimulate the regeneration and biostimulation of the scalp. Growth factors are responsible for stimulating the work of hair follicles, reduce the amount of hair loss and stimulate the growth of new hair. It is also worth noting that the treatment with plasma for hair loss uses the patient’s own blood. Thanks to this, the applied substance does not cause inflammation and allergies that could worsen the condition of the hair.

Platelet-rich plasma is also widely used due to its properties. It allows you to speed up the healing of wounds, scars and unsightly skin changes. Thanks to this, it enjoys such great recognition by aesthetic medicine. Patients can therefore enjoy the spectacular effects of stimulating the hair follicle stem cells to transition from dormancy to activity. The presence of active platelets causes the scalp to be more moisturized and the work of the sebaceous glands is regulated. As a result, the formation of seborrhea is prevented.

problem of hair loss

Indications for surgery

Scalp mesotherapy with the use of platelet-rich plasma is a procedure recommended primarily to patients with excessive alopecia, hair loss caused by improper nutrition, stress, pregnancy and lactation. Treatments can also take a prophylactic form and prevent the problem from getting worse. Platelet-rich plasma is also used in people who have noticed thinning hair on various parts of the head. The procedure can be performed on the top of the head, above the forehead and in the temporal area.

Plasma hair treatment can be used by both men and women of all ages. The main indication for therapy is the problem of excessive and rapid hair loss. The doctor may also order platelet-rich plasma therapy in patients who are struggling with alopecia areata, androgenic and telogen-related alopecia, weakening of the hair follicles, or with reduced hair growth.

Contraindications to the procedure

Patients who wish to undergo plasma hair treatment must keep in mind that, like any aesthetic medicine measure, there are several contraindications that prevent the therapy. These include. Pregnancy, lactation, taking blood-thinning drugs and blood clotting problems.

Doctors also advise against performing the procedure for people who are struggling with active malignancies, immunosuppression, active viral phases of infectious diseases, or thrombocytopenia. Therefore, before deciding whether to qualify the patient for the procedure, the doctor always conducts a thorough medical history to rule out any contraindications to therapy.

The course of the procedure

Hair treatment with platelet-rich plasma does not require special preparation on the part of the patient. The only thing to remember is that a week before injecting the preparation into the scalp, stop taking anticoagulants and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs – aspirin, diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen and naproxen. On the day of the procedure, it is worth drinking plenty of fluids (1.5 – 2 liters of water) and stopping alcohol.

Before starting the procedure, the doctor also refers the patient to a medical consultation with a trichologist, during which the specialist conducts a medical interview. He also performs a trichoscope examination of the hair and scalp, thanks to which he can thoroughly analyze the condition of the hair and detect the cause of the problem. It is also a way to eliminate possible contraindications to start the therapy.

Before the doctor applies platelet-rich plasma to the scalp, he takes a small amount of the patient’s blood and then places the collected substance in a special centrifuge. In this machine, the plasma is separated, along with the platelet concentrate, from the remaining blood components (red and white blood cells). Once the plasma is received, it is placed in a syringe and applied to the scalp. For this, small, thin and short needles are being used. Plasma is administered to the Patient exactly as it is during mesotherapy. Thanks to this, patients do not have to worry about the occurrence of extensive inflammation and redness.

Treatment of the scalp with platelet-rich plasma takes about 30-60 minutes and usually requires local anesthesia. Therefore, patients do not have to worry about unpleasant pain during the procedure. Thin needles, on the other hand, reduce the feeling of tingling, stinging and burning during the application of the substance. However, it is worth remembering that in order to enjoy satisfactory results, it is recommended to carry out a series of treatments – from 3 to 4 times every 4-6 weeks.

needle mesotherapy

Convalescence after the procedure

The plasma hair treatment is almost non-invasive, allowing the patient to return to daily activities on the second day. It is worth remembering that immediately after plasma therapy, hair washing should be avoided for approx. 12 hours, use of the sauna, pool, and hot baths. You should also refrain from coloring your hair during the next few days after treatment. Doctors also recommend that for approx. 6 weeks after treatment, avoid the sun, as it carries the risk of hyperpigmentation. It’s also a good idea to apply sunscreen with SPF +50 before exposing the scalp to UV radiation.

Hair treatment with plasma in a nutshell

Plasma hair treatment is an innovative method of treating hair diseases that prevents excessive hair loss and baldness.
Treatment is nothing more than the application of a preparation made from the patient’s blood to the weakened areas of the scalp. The result is thickened, strengthened and regenerated hair.
Blood collected from the patient is placed in a special centrifuge, where it separates red blood cells from plasma. This process also allows you to obtain an activating factor that releases a valuable content from the platelets – proteins and a growth factor that activates cells.
The procedure lasts from half to one hour and is practically painless due to the fact that the patient receives local anesthesia. The entire therapy is carried out with the use of thin needles, which also reduce unpleasant pain.
During the procedure, a preparation made of the patient’s blood is used, thanks to which it is specific for the body and minimizes the risk of allergies and undesirable effects.
After the treatment, patients can enjoy their hair strengthened and regenerated. The full effects are noticeable after 3 – 6 months and are permanent for a long period of time. The great advantage of the therapy is also the fact that the patient can return to daily activities the next day.

The results of the treatment

The effect of the platelet-rich plasma hair treatment, is mainly the regeneration of the scalp, which can be enjoyed 3 – 6 months after the completion of the treatment series. Platelet-rich plasma allows to gradually inhibit excessive hair loss, and also stimulates the growth of new hair follicles. As a result, the patient stops worrying about hair loss and can boast a gradual thickening of the forehead. The procedure is also distinguished by its high safety, as the plasma is extracted from the patient’s blood. As a result, the therapy does not cause scalp irritation or allergies.

Plasma hair treatment is therefore a great option for people who are concerned about reducing the problem of excessive hair loss and baldness. As a result, the hair becomes stronger and gains more density. It’s also a way to regenerate hair structure and stimulate baby hair growth. Also noteworthy is the fact that platelet-rich plasma also works on hair follicles. Sometimes some people experience slight redness after the procedure and local tenderness. However, these symptoms are a natural reaction of the body to the administration of plasma and subside a few hours after the procedure. After treatment, you may also feel an increased sensation of tension in the scalp where the product was injected. This is also a natural phenomenon that indicates that the plasma has begun to work and is due to the release of growth factors from the platelets.


What is platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss?

Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy for hair loss is a procedure in which platelet-rich plasma (the blood component full of growth factors) is extracted from the patient’s blood and then injected back into the scalp to stimulate hair growth.

How does platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair loss work?

PRP therapy works by using natural growth factors present in blood platelets to stimulate cell regeneration and hair growth. Growth factors can stimulate follicle activity and promote new hair growth.

How often should I get platelet-rich plasma therapy for my hair?

The frequency of PRP treatments depends on the individual patient’s needs and the doctor’s recommendations. In general, PRP treatments for hair loss are performed every few months.

Is platelet-rich plasma therapy for hair effective?

Studies have shown that PRP therapy can be effective in treating certain types of hair loss, particularly androgenetic alopecia. However, effectiveness may vary depending on individual circumstances.

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