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XL Hair Mesotherapy

The problem with falling out hair and disturbed regeneration are the result of, among others, stress, inadequate diet, hormonal disorders, as well as improper care of the scalp. Some of these phenomena may indicate medical problems and require separate intervention. However, it is worth remembering that any problem of hair loss can be inhibited or significantly reduced, and the hair bulbs can be strengthened and stimulated to grow. Fortunately, at the Piotr Turkowski Hair Transplant Clinic, we offer a comprehensive scalp mesotherapy treatment with XL Hair, which improves the biostimulation of hair growth, its condition, structure and general condition. The ampoules consist of about 50 active ingredients that are aimed at improving the condition of the scalp and the quality of the hair. Mesotherapy with XL Hair allows you to strengthen the hair and reduce hair loss.
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What is the treatment with XL Hair?

The injection of XL Hair with the use of needle mesotherapy is the most effective way to treat baldness. The procedure involves the subcutaneous application of small amounts of the preparation on the patient’s scalp, which requires assistance. XL Hair is a preparation distinguished by a selected composition of over 50 substances with an active effect. These include vitamins such as vitamin B12, B9, B3, A, E, B8, and fatty acids such as linoleic and oily. There are also flavonoids and antioxidants, therapens, amino acids, hyaluronic acid, fibroblast growth factors and microelements.

Scalp mesotherapy treatment with XL Hair inhibits hair loss, stimulates hair growth, accelerates hair growth and significantly improves hair quality. The procedure is performed by a trichologist with the help of a special cocktail developed on the basis of advanced biotechnology. Active substances contained in the XL Hair preparation support hair regrowth, revitalize the hair follicles and stimulate circulation in the hair follicles. They also prevent skin problems as well as increase the thickness and density of the hair. The preparation has the necessary certificates that authorize its introduction into the skin. The specialists who perform the procedure have the necessary experience in diagnosing and treating scalp diseases. That is why the scalp mesotherapy treatment with XL Hair is both effective and safe.

Indications for surgery

The needle mesotherapy treatment with XL Hair is recommended for patients with the problem of excessive hair loss, brittleness and alopecia. The indications are also periodic hair loss, genetic tendency to hair loss, weakened hair and brittle hair, as well as androgenic and post-stress alopecia, etc. It is also a proposal for people who want to improve the condition and structure of their hair, as well as their biostimulation. The procedure can be performed on both women and men after the age of 18. This supplement is used because of all problems with rare and falling out hair, difficulties with their regrowth, hair after chemotherapy and damaged after care treatments. XL Hair needle mesotherapy is also an excellent proposition for people who struggle with eyebrow loss, dandruff and oily hair.

Contraindications for this procedure

It should be borne in mind that the scalp mesotherapy treatment with XL Hair, like any other treatment, has some contraindications to it. They include, among others autoimmune diseases, cancer, pregnancy and breastfeeding, general poor health of the patient, weakness, colds and herpes. Contraindications also include active inflammation at the treatment site, allergy to ingredients contained in the preparation, skin infections, diabetes and the use of blood thinners. Needle mesotherapy treatments should also not be performed by patients who are allergic to chromium or nickel and women during their period. The specialist advises against the procedure also in the case of people with advanced venous-lymphatic insufficiency, skin with a tendency to keloids. However, not all contraindications are absolute, so you should always consult a doctor.

The course of the procedure

Before the procedure, the Patient does not need to prepare himself. It is enough to wash your hair before visiting the doctor’s office. Before starting therapy, however, the Patient is always referred for a consultation, during which the doctor assesses the condition of the scalp and the extent of the changes. In case of doubt, it may also order special tests to help rule out possible contraindications to treatment.

XL Hair is administered to the Patient by means of micro-disturbances in the area of ​​the scalp. Anesthesia is usually not necessary as the injection is made with a fine needle. The multi-point injection of small portions of the preparation is called needle mesotherapy. Initially, the doctor disinfects the patient’s skin and uses a syringe with a thin needle to perform a series of microinjections. They allow the medicinal preparation to be introduced into the skin tissue. The procedure is painless, but people with a low pain threshold may receive local anesthesia.

The therapy requires about 15 – 20 minutes, but the number of injections depends on the condition of the patients’ skin and hair and the response of their body to the treatment. Usually, one treatment per week during 2 – 4 weeks is enough. Then one treatment is carried out a month in 2-3 months. One cycle consists of a series of 6 treatments every week or two weeks.

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Convalescence after surgery

After the end of therapy with XL Hair, you should not use the sauna and solarium. It is very important to follow the doctor’s instructions, about which the patient will be informed in advance. They usually concern hair care. You should also limit washing the head on the day of the procedure. Patients must also remember to avoid excessive touching, massaging and rubbing of the treated scalp.

XL Hair treatment in a nutshell

The mesotherapy treatment with XL Hair is recommended for patients with excessive hair loss, brittleness and alopecia.
Using a thin needle, the specialist applies the product subcutaneously to the head area of the Patient who is affected by the problem of hair loss. The therapy runs without anesthesia, but does not cause unpleasant pain. It takes about 15 – 20 minutes.
To obtain satisfactory results, it is recommended to carry out 6 – 12 treatments every 10 – 21 days.
Due to the growth factor and other ingredients contained in XL Hair, the hair follicles are strongly stimulated and hair loss is prevented.

The results of the treatment

The first results after the treatment can be seen two weeks after its completion. At the beginning, the hair will strengthen and stop falling out, and the scalp will be nourished. Patients may also notice hair thickening and new baby hair regrowth. The growth factor FGF and other ingredients contained in the preparation are responsible for stimulating the hair follicles, preventing them from falling out and nourishing the scalp. After the end of the therapy, the structure of the hair improves significantly. Medical results also include regenerating the hair roots and improving blood circulation in the scalp tissue.

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