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Healthy, shiny and thick hair is an important attribute of every person’s appearance. Various factors, such as improper diet, processes related to the aging of the body, or the unfavorable influence of weather conditions, make the hair weaker with time and begin to fall out. Carboxytherapy is an ideal solution that will work in the above problem. It is a comprehensive treatment, consisting of a precise introduction of carbon dioxide under the skin, which is a clean, medical gas, that guarantees the effectiveness and the highest safety of this treatment. Carboxytherapy can improve the appearance of almost the whole entire body. It can reduce cellulite, stretch marks, the visibility of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness under the eyes, and improve skin elasticity. CO2 injections can increase the blood supply to a given area, creating microcirculation, which results in better skin nourishment, stimulation and formation of collagen.

The principles of carboxytherapy

Carboxytherapy is one of the most effective and popular treatments for excessive hair loss. This treatment has been known for decades and has always been considered as a very effective method. It involves injecting medical carbon dioxide deeply into the scalp by using a thin needle. The introduction of carbon dioxide under the scalp stimulates the formation of new blood vessels, intensively stimulates the metabolism, improves micro and macrocirculation, and it also improves the elasticity of the skin. Thanks to these effects, the hair follicles and bulbs are intensively nourished and empty hair follicles are stimulated to produce new ones. This results in the inhibition of excessive hair loss and the growth of new hair.

Scalp Carboxytherapy

The method of scalp carboxytherapy is a minimally invasive, natural and 100% safe method. These treatments are performed by using specialized medical devices by a dermatologist. The latest technology of heating carbon dioxide guarantees painless treatments and no need to prepare for them. Shortly after completion, the patient can resume to normal activities. The high effectiveness of the therapy also deserves special attention.


Carboxytherapy can be performed in the treatment of various types of alopecia – including androgenetic alopecia. It can be used in many hair treatments of various origins (stress, medications, hormonal disorders) and as a treatment that accelerates hair growth. The carboxytherapy treatment can be used as an independent treatment or in conjunction with other treatments. The combination of carboxytherapy with needle mesotherapy or platelet-free plasma, slows down hair loss and stimulates its growth. Therefore, carboxytherapy is a great solution for people who want to restore the natural density of hair, nourish it and prevent it from losing again. The treatment guarantees full safety and visible results and is a solution to the problems of excessive hair loss.


Carboxytherapy is a very safe and minimally invasive procedure because the gas used (carbon dioxide) is a physiological gas and its excess is removed through the lungs and kidneys. In addition, its action is limited to the injection site. The most important contraindications include severe lung, heart and kidney failure, blood coagulation disorders, uncontrolled diabetes, neoplastic diseases, epilepsy, pregnancy and breastfeeding. The treatment should also not be performed in the case of viral infections such as herpes, shingles and poor general condition.

The course of the procedure

Carboxytherapy is carried out with the use of specialized equipment. During hair loss therapy with a thin needle, sterile gas is applied intradermally, gas doses are fully controlled, and the amount and doses of gas introduced are adjusted to the area undergoing the treatment. During the procedure, you may feel a sting, feel some itching and pushing under the skin. The discomfort is temporary and lasts up to several minutes.

Carbon dioxide spreads quickly and easily in the tissues. On the skin, you can see bulges and redness. Redness of the skin caused by the expansion of blood vessels lasts up to 30 minutes, for more sensitive people up to 24 hours. The amount of gas administered decides how long the treatment takes. The carboxytherapy treatment itself does not require special preparation. It is only recommended to wash the head before carrying it out.


The carboxytherapy method has many advantages. Some of the most important are, for example:

  • Durability and effectiveness – the carboxytherapy treatment stimulates the body to produce collagen and elastin, which are responsible for skin firmness, and also affect hair growth.
  • Possibility of combining treatments – carboxytherapy can be combined with other treatments, enhancing the effects and improving the condition of the scalp, inhibiting hair loss and improving the condition of the hair and stimulating the growth of new hair.


Due to its physiological properties, carbon dioxide has an oxygenating and antioxidant effect. It is a physiological gas, but when injected intradermally, it causes increased oxygenation of the surrounding tissues at the application site. This is because the local introduction of carbon dioxide causes an almost immediate reaction in the body that interprets carboxytherapy as an oxygen deficiency. Increased oxygenation in tissues improves cell metabolism, metabolic processes increase the possibility of growth and reproduction of cells, which in the case of alopecia is associated with the formation of new hair. The best results are obtained after a series of treatments, while noticeable changes can be observed after just 3 – 4 treatments.

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