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Hair transplant

Hair transplantation often turns out to be the only effective solution for patients suffering from serious diseases. Excessive hair loss, or even alopecia, may be the result of progressive hormonal changes or treatment. One of the best known examples is cancer chemotherapy. Both women and men can undergo transplantation. Thanks to it, you can not only improve the appearance, but above all mental comfort. Lack of hair often causes low self-confidence and even depression. On our blog you can find a number of tips on transplantation and indications for surgery.

Hair transplant is a way to get back to normal

Transplantation may be the only way to get beautiful hair for people who have undergone chemotherapy or those who have no chance of natural hair growth. Interestingly, the transplant can be performed not only on the scalp. Eyebrow or pubic hair transplantation is becoming more and more popular. This often proves to be very important to sexual and emotional health. On our blog, patients can obtain information about the indications and the course of transplantation. Advice on transplant techniques is also available – mainly FUE and ARTAS. Thanks to this, you can mentally prepare yourself before the procedure and get to know its essence better.

Hair care after transplantation

Hair, both natural and transplanted, requires proper care. On our blog, you will find a specialist doctor’s advice on how to care for your hair after transplantation on a daily basis. Also important are medical recommendations, i.e. precise instructions immediately after the procedure, up to a month after it.

Hair transplant

How to avoid a failed hair transplant?

Hair transplantation is the only way for those affected by baldness to quickly enjoy new hair on the scalp. Unfortunately, for many men and women, baldness becomes a reason for falling into complexes, so they…
14 February 2023
Hair transplant

Hair transplantation without shaving hair

Hair transplantation without shaving hair is the perfect way to thicken hair in women! Ladies are particularly affected by baldness, and the thought of having to shave off their hair during a transplant causes many…
2 December 2022
Hair transplant

Hair transplantation in places of scars

Scars resulting from injuries, treatments, or due to scarring alopecia are an aesthetic problem that can affect anyone. Skin scars do not contain elements that are typical for healthy skin and are devoid of hair…
17 November 2020