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Hair Treatments

Is your hair brittle, weak and falling out? Shampoos and conditioners might not be enough. Dr. Piotr Turkowski offers professional and effective hair treatments, performed with the newwest techniques, that are currently available on the market. Our team has been dealing with hair problems for many years, which is why we offer knowledge and results at the highest level.

Do you want to see the results quickly?

Needle mesotherapy of the scalp is a proven, and one of the fastest methods to prevent excessive hair loss. If we start the treatment in an early stage, the patient will notice a visible decrease in hair loss after the first treatment. Deficiencies caused by various types of alopecia can be supplemented with the use of a modern FUE treatment.

Many other effective methods …

We want to explain how adenosine affects hair and how it is used. If the hair is dry, brittle and dull, we recommend a keratin treatment. Its results are visible immediately after leaving the clinic and last for a long time. We recommend castor oil and scalp scrubs, which will additionally strengthen the structure and increase the density.

Come and visit us and we will select the most appropriate treatment for your hair needs.

Hair Treatments

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8 June 2020