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Hair and scalp require proper care. It is important not only to wash them regularly, but above, all to provide ingredients that are designed to strengthen them and improve their condition. Both women and men should take care of their hair in a comprehensive way. Hair care helps to keep your hair looking beautiful and healthy. It prevents various, often troublesome ailments, such as excessive hair loss or dandruff. A good condition of the hair and scalp also means psychological and emotional comfort, so it is worth taking advantage of comprehensive and proven advice on our blog.

Care – the first step to health and beauty

Proper care is important to prevent hair and scalp problems. For the best results, it is worth knowing how the hair is built and what ingredients it needs. One of the most important is biotin – very popular in supplementation. On our blog, you can find advice on its characteristics, operation and occurrence. Undoubtedly, the diet has a huge impact on the condition of the hair. Tips for home hair care routines can motivate you to change your daily habits and rituals.

A specialist’s advice

A deteriorated condition of the hair and scalp may result from other serious medical conditions. These very often have a hormonal background. Examples include excessive hair loss, alopecia, or unwanted hair growth in women, aka hirsutism. In order to be able to effectively diagnose and treat these ailments, it is worth getting acquainted with our advice for patients.


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