Hair transplant – a successful method of hair restoration! Both men and women of all ages suffer from alopecia areata. The disease has been known for ages and specialists are working on developing modern and less invasive hair transplant methods. The causes of alopecia areata can include hormonal changes or unhealthy life style.

Alopecia diagnosis and treatment

On the first visit a doctor will carry out a medical interview to learn the patient’s health condition and order tests. The patient’s scalp examination allows a doctor to check the disease stage of development. A doctor will also ask about a personal and family medical history as androgenetic alopecia or alopecia areata is often a hereditary disease. To make a complete diagnosis a doctor can order the patient to do blood tests or a test with a trichoscope to examine the scalp and follicles condition. A professional doctor will try to find an alopecia cause, eliminate it and stop the disease development. Treatment involves using different masks, creams and rub ointments which stimulate microcirculation in the skin and intensively nourish follicles. In some cases oral medications are administered. An effective treatment method is a mesotherapy which uses injections of active substances into the skin. Doctors often recommend different irradiation treatments to stimulate hair regrowth.


hair transplant fue mileage

FUE hair transplant – procedure description

Hair transplant surgery

Modern aesthetic medicine offers a state-of-the-art hair transplant surgery. Many people suffering from alopecia undergo this procedure. Depending on the method during a hair transplant surgery a doctor can use general or regional anaesthesia. On the first visit a doctor will choose the least invasive hair transplant method to meet the patient’s needs. This method involves extracting follicles from the patient’s body and transplanting them into the recipient area. Hair transplant surgery is time consuming but reduces number of serious complications afterwards. Transplanting the patient’s material allows to avoid transplant rejection and allergy reaction.

FUE – a state-of-the-art hair transplant method

FUE or Follicular Unit Extraction is a state-of-the-art hair transplant method in the world. It allows to transplant hairs from the occiput area into bald spots. A doctor extracts single follicles together with a millimeter tissue surrounding them. The extracted follicles are then examined and transplanted into the recipient area. During a surgery a doctor uses regional anaesthesia to minimize a risk of complications and special needles instead of a scalpel. The surgery can take even 8 hours depending on the number of follicles to be transplanted. During the surgery the patient can listen to music or talk with personnel. A doctor and assisting personnel take care of the patient and help if necessary.


FUE hair transplant surgery recommendations

FUE method is the best solution for patients suffering from androgenetic alopecia and who want to have thicker hair and get rid of receding hairline. This hair transplant method is little invasive so it can be performed in different groups of patients. The main indication of hair transplant surgery is willingness to make hair thicker with a little invasive and safe procedure. This hair transplant method can be used in patients who lost their hair as a result of an accident. FUE method is often used in people leading an active lifestyle because recovery time is very short.

The best hair transplant clinic

You should remember that such a precise surgery requires highly experienced doctor and the results highly depend on the doctor’s skills. When you look for a specialist you should pay attention to other patients’ opinions and photos of transformations on his/her website. Only a professional doctor will be able to extract, examine and transplant follicles accurately. Choosing a professional clinic guarantees equipment of the highest quality to ensure the patient’s comfort. Personnel will help during consultation and hair transplant surgery.

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How to prepare for hair transplant surgery?

On the first visit a doctor will order basic blood tests. In some cases in can be necessary to consult an endocrinologist or other specialists. Two weeks before the surgery you should stop taking anticoagulants as they can significantly hinder the hair transplant procedure. One day before a surgery you should avoid drinking alcohol and strong coffee. On the day of a surgery you should be well-rested and have a light breakfast. If the hair transplant surgery takes longer than expected a clinic provides a hot meal to the patient. During the consultation a doctor will present a detailed plan of the surgery.

implanters used to transplant follicles

implanters used to transplant follicles

Doctor’s instructions after hair transplant surgery

The patient can go home on his/her own after the hair transplant surgery. Doctors recommend to cover the transplanted area with a hood or a soft cap. A doctor will advise the patient how to wash head the days following hair transplant. You should avoid rubbing the scalp because it can weaken the transplanted follicles. You should wash the scalp with a formulation recommended by a doctor and dry your skin with a paper towel. You should also avoid intensive training, sauna and the swimming pool for the few weeks after hair transplant surgery. In case of doubts you should contact your surgeon.

Doctor's instructions after hair transplant surgery

Hair transplant before and after

FUE hair transplant surgery performed by an experienced doctor brings spectacular results. Wounds healing process is very short and usually takes up to 2 weeks. Results can be assessed a few weeks after the surgery.  The complete results are visible 9 months after the surgery.

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Is hair transplant effective?

FUE hair transplant method allows a doctor to control the quality of follicles to be transplanted. An experienced doctor chooses the follicles of the highest quality to be transplanted into the recipient area. During the procedure the follicles are examined and prepared for transplantation. A doctor does not use a scalpel so the procedure is less invasive and the recovery is quick. There are no scars after the surgery which makes this hair transplant method superior to others. Another advantage of this surgery is regional anaesthesia which makes it safe for the patient. FUE hair transplant method can be used in people leading an active lifestyle because recovery time is very short. This method is particularly recommended for people who worry about undergoing surgery. Transplanting the patient’s material allows to avoid transplant rejection and allergy reaction.

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