Dr. Piotr Turkowski, the specialist in hair transplantation, who has years of experience and in hair restoration with FUE method, tells more about this technique. Dr. Turkowski is focused on improving skills in this particular method. He conducts consultations and performs treatments at the famous Ambroziak Clinic in Warsaw.

Hair transplant — Follicular Unit Extraction method

Hair restoration is one of the most popular procedures among male patients with androgenic alopecia (also known as male-pattern hair loss). The FUE treatments can be performed not only within the area of regular hairy skin on the head but the procedure can restore the hair within the chin, eyebrows, or even cover an old scar by placing single hair units into the scar tissue.

hair transplant fue mileage

hair transplant fue mileage

Over sixty percent of the male population experiences hair loss at some stage of life. The factor responsible for this fact is the genes.

We provide a holistic approach during the initial consultation: there is a reason for all those questions about the ancestors (we need the details about the hair of your father or grandfather).

We are among the rare specialists, who focus on causal therapy for our patients, as the results and patient’s satisfaction are essential for us.

Androgenic alopecia affects also females. The diagnosis occurs more and more frequently within the female population these days.

Dr Piotr Turkowski offers not only the interdisciplinary diagnostics and care, among the services are also: blood tests for determining the cause of hair loss, dermoscoping tests — trichoscopy, dermatological consultations, supporting treatments, such as platelet-rich plasma treatment, vitamin cocktails in form of mesotherapy, and — first and foremost — restoration of hair within the bald areas where hair was lost.


The FUE hair transplant treatments.

Dr. P Turkowski specializes in FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method. Currently, there are two types of surgical procedures performed: the STRIP and FUE.

The STRIP method is getting less popular nowadays because it’s getting out of date. The reason for that is its lesser efficiency after the treatment, as well as the fact that it leaves a disfiguring scar on the back of the head or longer time of recuperation after the procedure. FUE is the newest method, here are some details, at a glance: Follicular Unit Extraction, is a way of removing a single hair from the donating area and transplanting them onto the balding spots. The whole procedure is conducted by a doctor who uses modern, specially designed equipment. This is a technique which follows the motto of

“going into the direction of non-invasive procedures”

The FUE method became very popular during the last decade and it revolutionized the approach to hair transplant matter. These procedures are much more available now and make hair restoration less painful, and they don’t leave the scar on the back side of the head. What’s more to that, the FUE method enables picking the strongest hair units (we can control which units are transplanted) to achieve the most efficient results after the treatment and enjoy the new hairdo.

We encourage to see the doctor and take part in the consultation. The doctor can share his knowledge and provide you with his results, which may be very useful and helpful for patients to make a further step and decide to treat this irreversible condition, known as androgenic alopecia. This applies both for Ladies and Gentlemen.


Dr Piotr Turkowski

About Dr Piotr Turkowski

Aesthetic medicine doctor, specialist and enthusiastic surgery, completing the specialization in plastic surgery. The only officially registered member of the international hair restoration surgery (ISHRS) in Warsaw, which brings together the world's best specialists in this field.

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