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Hair transplantation is a more and more often chosen method of baldness therapy. However, in addition to the bends or characteristic baldness on the top of the head, gentlemen also pay more attention to dense facial hair. It’s worn by men, for whom the beard is one of the most important attributes of masculinity, as well as those who like to look fashionable and on time. Beard fashion has appeared a few years ago and so far everything seems to indicate that this trend will continue. And if the facial hair is irregular – hair transplantation on the chin can be a permanent and effective solution.

Methods of performing a transplant

Plastic surgery offers many possibilities for safe and natural hair replacement. Among the methods of hair transplantation, FUE definitely stands out. It is this method that Dr. Piotr Turkowski uses – the specialist has already done nearly several dozen effective transplants in this way. He has given medical advices in the Polish clinic for many years, recommending everyone the best solutions.

types of beards

types of beards

This method is characterized by the precise collection of individual hair follicles at the back of the head. In contrast to the STRIP method, where it is necessary to take a long section of hairy skin, the procedure is only punctual. The FUE method is associated with a much lower risk of scarring at the site of material collection. With the STRIP method you can not avoid the longitudinal linear scar on the occiput. This basic difference means that the FUE procedure is recommended especially for men who prefer short hairstyles and do not want to grow their hair to cover the surgery.

Beard reconstruction in practice

The most important stage of hair transplantation on the chin is to design a new facial hair. Gentlemen can opt for a wide or narrow facial hair, adapted to the shape of the face and individual preferences. You can also choose a typical goatee, without the need to put hair additionally on the cheeks. Transplantation may only include replacing missing hair, such as hairless spots on the cheeks, or completely reconstructing facial hair, for example in men with hormone disorders.

Usually, the hair is collected at the back of the head, which is the strongest and never falls out. Thanks to this, it can stay on the skin of the face without causing new hair loss. The place of collection, just above the lower line of hair on the back of the head, allows for complete masking of all traces of the procedure. And the appropriate methods of work of a hair restoration specialist ensure that the implantation site also looks completely natural. It also happens that the hair is taken from the lower part of the chin, mainly the neck, to move facial hair up the cheeks. In this way, you can also keep the colour, thickness and structure of hair on the chin.

The effects of hair transplant surgery

Despite the quick and precise ways to collect material, the entire procedure can last from four to six hours. It is worth booking a full day for it, but you can easily return to your duties the next day. The skin transplanted with FUE heals very quickly, does not require additional care or cover the graft site against sunlight. Patients of Dr. Piotr Turkowski’s clinic do not even have to use special medicine to relieve pain. After the procedure, complications appear very rarely and complaints of services do not happen at all.

However, the final effect of facial hair reconstruction could be slightly delayed. The time of regrowth of new hair is from half a year to even a year, and on average from six to eight months. The hair must grow back, because after the transplant, only the hair bulb remains in the skin. The right hair falls out when filling the hair follicles and is regenerated after this period. So let’s decide to transplant the hair on the chin as soon as possible – every dream facial hair needs some time to grow properly.


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