The patient is recommended to rest for a few hours immediately after the surgery. The patient can suffer from headaches or a swelling on the scalp. It is suggested to put a cold compress on the painful areas. It is not recommended to drink coffee, alcohol nor smoke.

A bandage is not put on the patient’s head after hair transplant surgery. However, in order to prevent the scalp from environmental pollutants it is suggested to put a loose-fitting cap made from natural materials.

Procedures after hair transplant surgery

The patient can experience the feeling of numbness and itching on the transplanted areas for the first few days after the surgery. It is an unquestionable sign of the natural process of post-surgical microwounds healing. Forehead swelling can take 2 – 6 days. The patient should consult a doctor if the swelling does not disappear. Dr. Turkowski is available for his patients 24 hours a day.

For a few days after hair transplant the patient is recommended to sleep with his head laying at a 45 degrees angle.

Doctor’s instructions before and after hair transplant surgery

The day after the hair transplant surgery the patient can gently wash hair using warm, running water but should avoid touching transplanted areas. It is not allowed to use hairdryer but to gently touch the scalp with a soft gauze or other sterile material. The above procedures should be repeated up to 7-14 days after the surgery.

For a couple of days after the surgery hair bulbs start to regenerate, regain their vitality and the process of so-called “rooting” begins.

Recommendations and instructions for the patient after hair transplant surgery

At this stage you can start washing your hair with a mild shampoo and gently touch the transplanted areas. Scabs around the implants resulting from the healing processes will be removed within about 14 days after the surgery. You should not worry that follicles will be removed with the scabs. It is a normal regenerative process after hair transplant surgery. However, if you notice bleeding in the transplanted area you should immediately consult your doctor as it can be dangerous.  But these are very rare situations. We just want to inform the patients about all the possible cases and situations after hair transplant surgery.

The transplanted hair grow and fall out up to 3 months after the surgery. It is caused by the shock following surgery when a follicle is in the “sleep phase” for about 12 weeks. When the phase ends hair starts to grow and do not fall out. The full hair growth and structure regeneration cycle after the surgery can take even 12 months. Microscars in the recipient area are covered with the new hair.

At the initial stage of transplanted hair growth cycle the patient can experience  low-grade inflammation around a single follicle. It can be caused by ingrowing hair which result in inflammatory bubbles. Then it is recommended to put warm compress on the scalp.

If hair follicles are properly transplanted, they will growth hair for the whole patient’s life. If you want to undergo hair transplant surgery of the highest quality, without complications and unpleasant surprises, go to dr. Piotr Turkowski clinic in Warsaw.


Last update: 19 October 2020

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