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Scalp Diseases

Hair is a natural frame of the face. Even a slight change in hairstyle or length is noticeable. Therefore, any changes of the condition around the scalp is disturbing, and bothersome Unfortunately, hair diseases are very often associated with baldness. Fortunately, we can reverse this process.
Diseases of the scalp and hair? We will help to solve all problems
Improper care and inadequate cosmetics can cause dandruff, psoriasis, mycosis or seborrheic dermatitis. A special case is trichotillomania, which is when your own hair is pulled out, often caused by stress. Diseases such as androgenetic alopecia or alopecia areata are associated with hair loss. Visit us, and we will properly diagnose and solve your problem. Our patients always leave the clinic with relief and a smile on their faces.
We offer effective treatment and proven procedures
The Esthetic Medicine Clinic OT.CO in Warsaw is equipped with specialized equipment, needed for the diagnosis and treatment of skin and hair diseases. The trichologist’s office offers modern and effective treatments, that will allow you to forget all of your hair problems. Appropriate forms of treatment will improve the condition of the skin and help with getting rid of the problem of baldness. We use treatments that stimulate hair growth, like the modern FUE method, thanks to which we can fill cavities, carboxytherapy and many more. Learn more about it on our blog!

Scalp Diseases

Folliculitis: causes, symptoms, treatment

Folliculitis is a bacterial infection that can spread quickly. It is a bothersome condition, and if left untreated, it can lead to serious ailments and diseases. For this reason, it is worth knowingwhat causes folliculitisand…
11 August 2020
Scalp Diseases

Hirsutism in women

Hirsutism - although the word sounds like a disease, it is not a disease at all. Excessive hair is a symptom of various diseases. It is estimated that 35% of women struggle with the problem…
7 June 2020
Scalp Diseases

The 3 most common scalp diseases

Check out the 3 most common scalp diseases! The scalp is a rather unusual area of ​​skin, compared to the rest of the human body. It has many receptors, and it also produces a large…
29 January 2020
Scalp Diseases

Dandruff – causes, symptoms, treatment

Dandruff is a skin disease; it occurs regardless of gender or age. Dandruff tends to come back, and the large visibility of symptoms is a fairly big aesthetic problem. Thanks to modern treatments, you can…
22 January 2020
Scalp Diseases

Trichotillomania how to treat it?

Hair is quite an important element of appearance for many people. Every day, we devote a lot of time to style and care for our hair, to maintain the good condition. However, some people experience…
20 January 2020
Scalp Diseases

Scalp psoriasis – symptoms, treatment

Scalp psoriasis is quite a chronic disease. Patients often struggle with periods of remission and exacerbation, that alternate. The characteristic symptoms of this disease are flaky patches of skin, under which there is red tissue.…
16 January 2020
Scalp Diseases

Seborrhoeic dermatitis

Seborrhoeic dermatitis, also known as seborrhoea, is a chronic and recurrent disease. The symptoms on the skin are unsightly and can result in discomfort or low self-esteem. Normally, the disease affects teenagers during puberty but…
11 October 2019
Scalp Diseases

Greasy and dry dandruff

Yeasts Pityrosporum ovale are naturally found on the scalp of humans regardless of age and sex. They are the skin mites which are usually not problematic. However, factors such as seborrhoea and a dry scalp…
19 February 2019
Scalp Diseases

Hair anti-aging prevention

Every woman dreams about beautiful and thick hair even in old age. However, hair begins to age earlier than expected. Around the age of 50 your hair is becoming weaker - there are fewer follicles…
6 February 2019