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Hair can delight with beauty, health and good condition, but many people have various problems with it. It is primarily about excessive hair loss, sudden baldness or dandruff. These types of ailments are not only aesthetically pleasing, but can also result from serious diseases. In order to accurately diagnose the cause of hair and scalp problems, it is worth choosing specialized tests in our office. Thanks to them, the fight against ailments will become more effective and, above all, conscious and comprehensive.

Comprehensive trichological research

A trichologist deals with problems related to the hair and scalp. On our blog you can find specialist advice, tips and a description of tests that a specialist can perform. The analysis of the patient’s hair structure is of great importance in the diagnosis of ailments. The blog includes all indications for the study, as well as its exact course. Thanks to this, the patient can prepare in advance – both physically and mentally.

Modern solutions in hair diagnostics

On the blog, you will find not only advice on basic research, but also on research that is considered the most innovative and effective around the world. One of them is trichoscopy, which is a computer examination of hair and skin with the help of a very precise and sensitive camera. Thanks to it, you can detect the cause of problems and effectively fight it. On the blog you can also find information about the structure of a healthy hair, which helps in understanding all ailments.


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