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STRIP and FUE hair transplant method – the main difference between these two procedures is the method of collecting transplants from the donor area. In the STRIP method, a fragment of hairy skin is taken, while in the FUE method, single units of hair follicles are taken – directly from the donor skin area. However, the differences do not end there.

Why is FUE hair transplant method better than STRIP – it is less invasive and shows excellent results.

The main difference between STRIP and FUE hair transplant methods are the way transplants are extracted from the donor area. In STRIP method a piece of skin with hair is extracted and in FUE method only follicular units are extracted directly from the donor area.

FUE hair transplant

But this is not the only difference. It needs to be emphasized that FUE hair transplant is a modern and more precise technique. No wonder recently this hair transplant method is becoming more and more popular. During FUE hair transplant surgery a doctor chooses the best quality hair transplants i.e. gratfs taking into account professional and medical precision.


hair transplant strip hair transplant fut differences hair transplant fue

Another important advantage of FUE over STRIP technique is that it does not leave thick scar lining as in the case of STRIP method.

Extraction of follicular units with FUE method is less invasive, it does not involve scalpel use and microscars are tiny and practically invisible. This method helps to recover quickly, it causes less discomfort and pain, accelerates transplant areas healing and lowers the risk of infections. FUE method does not cause the feeling of numbness and “shrinking skin” as in the case of STRIP technique in the area of thick and painful seams.

the effect of a failed fut - strip hair transplant

What is the difference between STRIP and FUE hair transplant methods?

Another excellent advantage of FUE method is the fact that follicles can be extracted from such body areas as chest, beard or pubic region.

A further benefit of FUE hair transplant method is the fact that the patient can have short hair style after the hair transplant surgery. Microwounds resulting from FUE method are invisible contrary to a thick scar at the back of the head after STRIP hair transplant surgery – a symbol of an old and undesirable problem.


visible scar after taking the strip in the donor area

It needs to be emphasized that successful final results of hair transplant surgery depend on extraordinary precision and professional experience of a doctor. Machines and surgical instruments only assist a doctor during hair transplant surgeries.

Therefore, you must be aware that marketing slogans of different clinics paying only attention to machines and robots used, distract attention from the most important issues i.e. knowledge and experience of the hair transplant surgeon. Hair transplant results quality depends mainly on the manual skills of a surgeon. Accurate follicular unit extraction and its implantation guarantee the highest quality and spectacular results. Dr. Turkowski emphasizes that it is worth undergoing the surgery in a professional clinic by a qualified, trained and experienced doctor. So make a wise decision.


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