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Hair gives you confidence and allows you to define your style. Therefore, especially women dream about beautiful, healthy and shiny hair, that allows them to create unique hairstyles. Especially the length of the hair turns out to be a very important fact. Unfortunately, not everyone can enjoy long and healthy hair. If you want to grow your hair quickly, you should help them a bit. There are several proven ways to boost your hair growth.

Take care of a proper diet

Hair grows 1 centimeter per month on average. However, this is an individual matter and it may depend on genetic factors, as well as the diet, hair care regimen, and co-morbidities. For proper hair growth, the hair needs nutrients and vitamins. Which are supplied to the body with food. That is why a balanced and nutrient-rich diet is so important. It should be rich in protein, which is found in meat, fish or dairy products.

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Moreover, an important component of a proper diet are unsaturated fatty acids. They are responsible for the shine and streangth of the hair. Their sources are fish and nuts. Vitamin B is also important for proper hair growth. It is found in whole grain bread, groats, oatmeal and vegetables. It is also worth ensuring, that the diet is rich in zinc, copper, selenium and vitamins A, E and C. All these nutrients are found in vegetables and fruits, as well as seeds and nuts. By maintaining a diet rich in valuable ingredients, we can really accelerate hair growth.


If, for some reason, we are unable to provide the body with the basic ingredients that affect hair growth, it is worth considering supplementation. There are many different dietary supplements in pharmacies and drugstores that are designed to accelerate hair growth. They contain different proportions of the most important building components and ingredients, responsible for hair growth. However, it is worth reading the composition of supplements and choosing those, based on natural ingredients without unnecessary additives. It should also be borne in mind, that the effectiveness of supplementation will be visible after regular use. Usually, after stopping the treatment, the results disappear.

Home remedies for hair growth

In addition to a balanced diet and supplementation, hair growth can be accelerated with hair care at home. It is worth using home-made lotions, oiling and hair growth masks on a regular basis. Examples of such rubs are turnip juice or an infusion of horsetail and nettle. They should be thoroughly rubbed into the scalp at least once a day to notice the results.

Masks, that additionally nourish your hair are also recommended. These include, for example, a yeast-based mask. The yeast cube should be mixed with a small amount of warm milk, as well as castor oil. The prepared mask should be applied to dry hair and left for at least 1 hour. After this time, the mask can be washed off.

An egg mask is a very popular hair growth mask. Mix the egg with a spoonful of honey and, just like in the previous case, put it on the hair for at least an hour. Home made masks and rubs are not only simple, but also cheap. In addition, we can quickly prepare them from generally available ingredients. Apart from that, it is worth using a hair oiling treatment from time to time. Coconut, castor or palm oil should be applied to the scalp and the entire length of the hair. Then, wrap your hair with a plastic cap and leave it for the whole night. Rinse your hair thoroughly in the morning, even twice if necessary. It is recommended to use masks and hair oiling 1-2 times a week. As a result, the hair will be healthy, shiny and its growth will be accelerated.

Professional treatments in beauty salons

Unfortunately, diet, supplementation and home care do not always bring the intended results. In this case, it is worth consulting a specialist and performing a test, that will allow you to determine the cause of the poor condition of the hair and problems with its growth. You may find out, that your hair does not grow as it should, due to comorbidities or genetics. Knowing the cause of the problem with hair growth is important, as it allows for an effective treatment and restoration of the hair’s normal growth cycle.

Hair treatments in beauty salons allow a much deeper and wider action, than those performed at home. First of all, professional devices, high-quality healing and nutritional substances help to restore the balance of the hair growth cycle. One of the most effective treatments is needle mesotherapy on the scalp. It consists of introducing specially selected nutrients under the scalp. This is done with very thin needles. By introducing the substance directly into the scalp, the hair follicles are stimulated to grow.

Moreover, the hair becomes thicker and healthier. An equally effective way to improve the condition of the hair are injections of the scalp with platelet-rich plasma. It is obtained from blood, taken from the patient, immediately before the procedure. The blood is centrifuged twice in a special device, which separates the precious plasma from other blood components. The platelet-rich plasma influences hair growth, nourishes the hair follicles and strengthens the hair structure. It is introduced under the scalp, as in the case of mesotherapy, with the use of thin needles.

There are many cosmetic treatments for hair growth. However, to be effective, they must be preceded by a trichological examination and an extensive interview with the patient. Based on the information obtained, the doctor will select the best treatment to accelerate hair growth and nourish it.

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