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Botox is a very popular substance that is used in all aesthetic medicine clinics. Botox can work wonders on hair – regenerating and renewing damaged strands. It is a comprehensive treatment, that helps to restore the natural balance of hair, lost due to damage to its structure, caused by external factors, as well as changes in the diet, the cold winter and the lack of sunlight. Each of these factors causes the strands of hair to become static, dry, dull and resistant to styling.

What is botox for hair?

Botox for hair is a professional hairdressing treatment, that aims to rebuild the hair, regenerate it and improve its condition. It has a direct effect on the internal structure of the hair, improving its appearance.

Botox for hair and botox used in aesthetic medicine on the face have certain points of contact. Both treatments are aimed at smoothing: wrinkles, furrows that are visible on the skin, hair strands.

Botox for hair restores their natural softness and shine. The procedure itself has little to do with injections, as it is the case with facial treatments. In the context of hair, this procedure is based on injecting nutrients into the hair structure, to fill the cavities between the cortex and the areola. Botox for hair is a mixture of collagen, hyaluronic acid and acai berries or another antioxidant.

The botox treatment for hair also has a completely different course, than the one used on the face.

How is the hair botox treatment performed

The botox treatment for hair is completely non-invasive and takes about 40 minutes. It can be divided into three main stages:

  • The first stage – washing the hair with a special shampoo, which is designed to open the hair cuticles, which in turn will allow them to absorb the nutrients better. As a rule: washing is done twice, in order to ensure an optimal effect.
  • The second stage – applying the serum, which is the most important step, because the serum is supposed to improve the condition of the hair.
  • The third stage – application of the mask on the serum – applying the mask involves the need to close the previously opened hair cuticles. The serum should be left on the hair for about 20 minutes, and then rinse off all cosmetics applied to the hair.

No additional devices of any kind are used when performing botox on hair. In order to perform the treatment, it is also not necessary to use an additional heat source to apply the preparations (as it is the case for keratin straightening).

Botox for hair – for who?

As a rule, there are no contraindications for this treatment, so it is dedicated to virtually every person who wants to improve the condition of their hair. It is worth remembering, that botox is primarily aimed at nourishing and does not leave the hair weighted or weakened. The treatment is therefore recommended especially for damaged hair and can be a great solution after winter, when the hair is weak and damaged by changing weather conditions.

Botox for hair is therefore a great solution for people struggling with such conditions as:

  • damaged hair because of dyeing, lightening or styling,
  • thin hair with a tendency to fall out,
  • dry strands,
  • hair damaged by cold weather conditions,
  • dull, coarse and frizzy hair.

Botox for hair can be used in many cases, and its non-invasive nature makes it easy to nourish damaged hair. The result is regenerated, shiny and delicately soft hair.

Persistence of the results

The duration of the results after the treatment depend on several factors, but usually the results can be observed for several months. The period of smoothing and delicacy of the hair may be shortened when washing, drying and straightening the hair frequently. People, who have undergone botox hair treatment, are recommended to wash their hair every 2-3 days.

The durability of the results can be effectively extended through the use of appropriate care. Experts recommend, that after the treatment you should not use shampoos with silicones, parabens and alcohol, and lean towards those containing keratin and hyaluronic acid.

The best results are achieved by repeating the treatment several times, at least weekly. A series of several treatments will make your hair regain its natural shine for a long time.

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