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People who have a problem with excessive hair loss have certainly searched more than once for information on the causes and treatments of this problem. There are many reasons why our hair falls out. Some are dependent on us, others are beyond our control. Therefore, the problem of baldness has been and continues to be studied by many prominent foreign specialists. However, our clinic, too, specializes in hair loss problems.

Our specialists

Most of the scientific research on baldness problems comes from outside the country. However, this does not mean that the effectiveness of treatment in our country is at a lower level. It can be said that the opposite is true. Doctors at our clinic specialize in trichology and hair loss treatment. On more than one occasion, many of them have participated in training and internships with foreign professional colleagues.

Thanks to numerous courses in Poland, our specialists have a wealth of knowledge, not only theoretical, but also practical, confirmed by successes in the fight against excessive hair loss. The training we have received allows us to combine different treatment techniques and their individual components to tailor treatment to the individual patient’s needs. This knowledge also allows us to have a very low level of hair damage throughout the treatment process. All treatments at our clinic are performed by outstanding specialists also belonging to ISHRS – The International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, which brings together top doctors.

Treatment of baldness in Poland

One of the most effective methods for regaining lost hair is hair transplantation. Of course, this procedure is offered not only abroad, but also in Polish clinics specializing in the treatment of baldness. Our clinic performs hair transplantation surgeries with the support of the most experienced surgeons. Thanks to the use of the latest technology, the transplant procedure does not require visible stitches or scarring. In addition, the procedure itself is painless and performed using the least invasive method.

FUE hair transplant

As a result, the very next day after the procedure, you can return to work and daily duties. Among other things, we use the DHI technique during transplantation, which allows us to fully control the depth and direction of the growing hair. The effectiveness of the treatment is improved by special solutions to increase the life of the hair, as well as hybrid and “sapphire blades.” They allow the hair root to be protected from damage. By using them, the Transection rate, or the rate of hair damage, is kept below 4%. What’s more, hair transplantation at our clinic achieves a very high level of hair adoption – as high as 96%.

Popular foreign specialists

In Madrid, the following are very popular not only in the city, but all over the world. Dr. José Lorenzo. It specializes in hair transplantation using the FUE method. In addition, he organizes numerous training courses and scientific symposiums, where he imparts his vast knowledge to their participants.

Also of great fame is the Dr. Koray Erdogan, who runs his clinic in Turkey. His specialty is hair restoration, during which he uses FUT and FUE methods, as does Belgian doctor Emorane Lupanzula. A distinguishing feature of Lupanzul is that he personally performs the extractions and incisions during the procedure.

Meanwhile, John P. Cole is serving his experience and expertise in Athens, conducting treatments there at the popular clinic. In Israel, help for people with baldness is provided by Dr. Alex Ginzburg, who has been performing effective and efficient hair transplant procedures since 1991.

Familiar to anyone interested in the subject of hair transplantation is the name Dr. Woods. A year after the FUE method was first described, he performed hair transplants using this method in Australia. He is a highly regarded professional with very extensive experience. Equally renowned is Dr. James Harris, who is one of the few who performs transplants using the FUE technique without shaving the head.

Dr. Russell Knudsen, who has a network of his clinics, also demonstrates personal commitment and great skill. He was president of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons and an award-winning specialist. Jean Devroye had his share in the development of hair transplantation. Indeed, he is the inventor of the WAW FUE device, which allows hair transplantation without damaging the hair follicles.

Dr. Jean Devroye source:

Dr. Jean Devroye source:

We have the WAW FUE device in our clinic, which allows us to use different techniques during the hair transplant procedure. This allows us to meet the expectations of our patients, thereby improving the quality of their scalp hair.

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