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A receding hairline does not only affect men. Together with large forehead it sometimes also occur in women even teenagers. Female pattern hair loss often results from hormonal imbalances which should be diagnosed and treated. You should first consult a dermatologist who specializes in trichology.

Hormonal imbalances as a cause of hair loss in women

A receding hairline is more visible in men as they usually have short hair and it is a typical alopecia form i.e. androgenetic. Women can hide the problem under long hair or a fringe. Even very young women can suffer from a receding hairline. It can progress with time due to physical patterns. Hair loss is a natural process in the body. Every day you lose about 100 hairs and it is a normal process. If you notice excessive hair loss while washing or combing your hair, you should consult a doctor.

You should start looking for the cause of this problem as hair loss is a warning signal sent by your body. However, one of the main cause is hormonal disorder e.g. hypothyroidism or menopause. Women often experience androgenetic alopecia i.e. hypersensitivity to testosterone derivative. It leads to gradual follicles decay and hair thinning. In some diseases such as frontal fibrosis alopecia (FAA) a receding hairline can start on the temples and forehead.

removal of bends in women using hair transplantation

Other causes of alopecia in women

Hair thinning at the front of the head can lead to so-called a receding hairline. It results in large forehead which is an embarrassing problem for women. The most common cause of hair loss is weak hair caused by excessive hairspray use, frequent dying, blow drying with hot air and using flat iron. Some hairdos can also weaken your hair, for example tight updo hairstyles. They impair the scalp and intensify the hair loss process. One of the important factors impairing the immune system functions is stress. Unbalanced diet, vitamins and minerals deficiency can also cause alopecia. Additionally, some medicines can increase alopecia and weaken your hair. They include steroids, antibiotics and anticancer medicines. However, in many cases genetic factors play a role in alopecia diseases.

Homemade remedies for receding hairline in women

It is not recommended to choose tight hairstyles which weaken your hair. A good hairstyle can hide a receding hairline and hair thinning. Specialists recommend to add castor oil to conditioners and shampoos. Castor oil strengthens your hair and prevents its loss. In addition, you can use multivitamin shampoos, natural conditioners and oils which nourish and strengthen your hair. Diet rich in vitamins strengthens the body and ensures proper blood circulation in the scalp. One of the homemade remedy for hair loss is using proper hairbrush as hard bristle can irritate your skin. It is important to note that it is not causal treatment.

Receding hairline in women – surgical methods treatment

At the beginning you should do all the necessary tests such as complete blood count, check the levels of iron, ferritin, TSH, estrogens and testosterone. Doctors usually choose different alopecia treatment options e.g. radical and natural.  The invasive methods include hair transplant and implants. This method involves extracting healthy follicles and transplanting them into the recipient area.

FUE hair transplant

The modern FUE hair transplant method guarantees successful results and little invasive effects. During the surgery a doctor uses regional anaesthesia and no scars are produced afterwards. The day after the surgery the patient can do everyday activities. Another treatment option is hair implants which involves transplanting the patient’s hairs into a different area. A doctor extracts quite a large section of the scalp which does provide natural final effect. Currently this method is seldom used by doctors.

Treatments to stop hair loss

Doctors often recommend different scalp treatments. The most popular are laser therapy and mesotherapy. Laser therapy uses red light of low-power which impacts hair bulbs cells metabolism and stimulates hair growth cycle. The therapy is completely safe and painless. Specialists observed that it is highly effective even in 70% patients. Laser therapy should be used regularly as recommended by a doctor.  Another popular treatment is mesotherapy. It uses mineral and vitamin or platelet-rich plasma injections into the skin. It brings excellent results as micro injury boosts regenerative processes and microcirculation in the scalp. The most effective therapeutic method is injecting platelet-rich plasma taken from the patient. Blood from the patient is centrifuged and a concentrate is injected into the scalp. Plasma strongly stimulates natural regeneration and boosts cellular processes.

Medicines use as a treatment option

Some doctors recommend taking oral medicines to prevent adverse effect of testosterone on follicles. They are considered effective as can reduce hair loss. Treatment should take a few months to let hair start to regrow. Additionally, specialists recommend using different shampoos or hair growth formulas. Minoxidil is a widely used medicine to be applied topically on the scalp twice daily. It is recommended to be used for a long period of time to see the expected results. There is no universal method to treat alopecia. Therefore, doctors frequently combine different techniques and use laser therapy and mesotherapy at the same time.

Scalp mesotherapy boosts cellular processes and laser stimulates them. Treatment option depends on the disease stage and individual patient’s requirements. It is crucial to address the underlying causes of the problem e.g. regulate thyroid hormones level. Laser therapy is a good solution in patients suffering from the initial stage of alopecia. A further step is injecting a platelet-rich plasma. Oral medicines are seldom administered as they can have serious side effects. Dermatologist chooses an appropriate treatment option based on the scalp examination and tests results.  It is recommended to follow doctor’s instructions, eat a well-balanced diet and take vitamins and minerals to prevent hair loss. The sooner you start treatment, the easier you get the expected results.


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