Many people suffer from thinning eyebrows or even eyebrow hair loss which can be caused by different factors such as chemotherapy, diseases, genetics or injuries. Eyebrow hair loss or thinning is a real problem which is usually hidden with makeup. However, it is recommeneded to undergo eyebrows hair transplant surgery with FUE method to get rid of the problem forever. This is a verified and effective method recommended by dermatologists to restore eyebrows hair.

FUE eyebrows hair transplant – what is it?

How to restore eyebrows after chemotherapy or injury? How to make your eyebrows thicker? How to restore thinning eyebrows? How to treat hereditary eyebrows hair loss? An effective solution to the above problems is eyebrows hair transplant surgery with FUE method. It involves transplanting between 50 – 400 grafts. They are extracted from back part of the patient’s neck or an area behind an ear because their shape and structure most closely resemble natural eyebrows hair.

FUE eyebrows hair transplant – procedure description

Before the surgery a medical interview is carried out to make an initial assessment of the transplant areas. First, a doctor injects regional anaesthesia into the area where hair follicles are to be extracted from. It makes the surgery practically painless. During the surgery a doctor uses the thinnest puncture needles to extract single follicles and place them i.e. by pricking the skin on the eyebrows.

The whole procedure usually takes 2-3 hours depending on the hairs condition and a number of grafts. FUE eyebrows hair transplant surgery requires extraordinary precision and accuracy to transplant grafts at an appropriate angle and shape eyebrows to fit the face shape.


Eye of young woman with beautiful eyebrow after correction, closeup

Eye of young woman with beautiful eyebrow after correction, closeup

Results of FUE eyebrows hair transplant

The first results of FUE eyebrows hair transplant are visible immediately after the surgery. For 6 months following the surgery the eyebrows are becoming thicker and thicker and one year later an appropriate eyebrows shape is visible.

Advantages of FUE eyebrows hair transplant

Benefits of FUE eyebrows hair transplant include:

  • Efficiency – the eyebrows always become thicker and look natural after the surgery.
  • No scars – a doctor uses no scalpel nor stitches so the patient does not have to worry about scars being visible in the donor area or the eyebrows.
  • Permanent result – hairs are transplanted with follicles and stem cells located there which are responsible for hair growth. That guarantees effective transplant surgery results for unlimited time.
  • No pain – thanks to regional anaesthesia used during the surgery.
  • Quick recovery – it usually takes a few days to recover after FUE eyebrows hair transplant surgery. At that time the patient can experience little redness on the eyebrows and discomfort in the donor area.

FUE eyebrows hair transplant is an effective method to make eyebrows thicker and your face look beautiful and attractive. It is also a perfect solution for people who wish to have their eyebrows look more symmetrical and well-shaped.

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